Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II invited to the wedding everyone

Онучка Єлизавети II запросила на весілля всіх охочих

Princess Eugenie invites you to their wedding
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27-year-old Princess Eugenie is to be married to Jack Brooksbank who she meets for seven years.

The wedding ceremony will be held in the chapel of St. George, where in may married Prince Harry and Megan – October 12.

Princess Eugenie is planning to see the wedding at Windsor castle 1200 people. To be among those invited any resident of Britain, if he was lucky to win an invitation to the lottery. To participate, send your details to the Royal family. The draw will take place on 8 August.

Separately to the wedding will be attended by representatives of charity organizations, residents of the city of Windsor, where the Royal castle and the kids out of school who went by Princess Eugenie.

This will be the second Royal wedding in 2018. Princess Eugenie is the Director of the art gallery “Heuser & Wirth”, she is the second daughter of Prince Andrew and Duchess of York. After the wedding, she will retain her title and if you want to be able to take her husband’s name.

Онучка Єлизавети II запросила на весілля всіх охочих

The draw will be held on August 8 / gettyimages

Jack Brooksbank – former Manager of the club “Mahiki” in London’s Mayfair. They met at a ski resort. “Mahiki” – a night club in Central London, near the Ritz on Piccadilly. The name of the club in Panasesti mythology means the road to the underworld. The club is known for the fact that there is often throw parties celebrity and members of the Royal family.

When Jack met with Eugenia, he worked as a waiter, but a misalliance it is not a question. The groom studied at an expensive and prestigious private school, comes from a family baronets Brooksbank and even is a distant relative of Princess Eugenie. Her mother the Duchess of York – great granddaughter, lady Julia coke, the daughter of Thomas Kawka, great-grandfather of Jack.

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