Grated frozen lemon is 10 times more nutrients and less risk of getting cancer

Тертый замороженный лимон: в 10 раз больше питательных веществ и меньше рисков заболеть раком

This information was obtained from the results of scientific studies which show that eating lemons can fight with twelve types of cancer, including cancer of vital organs. But most importantly, what was discovered is that lemon extract fights exclusively to malignant cells, without exerting a negative influence on others.+

The secret of grated lemon — frozen

For this you must place the washed lemon in the freezer. After he finally freezes, you need to take a grater and grate the fruit, while not cleaning it, and then sprinkle them over cooked your favorite dish.+

You can add it to salad and ice cream, pasta, cereals and other products. The list of dishes that you can sprinkle frozen lemons can be endless. Thus, any dish, to which he added, is particularly bright and pleasant fragrance, which you probably never even thought.+

Most often, suggesting the use of lemons, people only know that they contain vitamin C. meanwhile, recently was discovered the secret of this fruit, according to which it can apply, even adding in instant soup.+

As for the lemon rind, then it contains approximately 10 times more various kinds of vitamins than the juice. However, often the peel is simply thrown away. If you follow the above recommended tips on freezing lemon and then use it as a topping for dishes, thus will add to your body a lot of nutrients, the maximum positive influence on the human body.+

For example, for a long time the positive impact of a peel from the lemon on the recovery of the body after exposure to toxic elements. To do this, follow what we have written above. All this is intended not only to improve the taste of dishes, but also add health to the body.+

The use of lemon in the treatment of cancer

In addition, the lemon has miraculous properties. In particular, it contains a product that successfully destroys cancer cells. The effect of lemon on the human body when cancer is much higher than the effect of chemotherapy, as some claim experts-naturopaths.+

Perhaps this property is the most important thing for lemon. Before this little known. This is due to the fact that most of the medical organizations has a personal interest in the production and subsequent sale of synthetic products. All of this brings them profit, but in terms of health the effect of chemotherapy and various artificial items are debatable. Thus, it is necessary to note the fact that the lemon and its elements only fight with malignant cells, no side effects here speech can not be.+

In short, do not get sick by rubbing it with grated frozen lemons!

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