Great deals… what is it?

Des aubaines... où ça?

Since the re-opening of the auto dealers, the buyers literally tear the new vehicles. In particular, the full-size pickup category, which is hardly surprising when we observe the price of a litre of gasoline at the pump.

So, needless to say, that the merchants are currently facing a tidal wave of customers, which in some way allows them to put a balm on the tougher months through which they had to pass.

diesel Engine: yes or no?

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Now, do not believe that the sales by the dealers were completely shut down during these two months. Because if some have voluntarily closed up shop, others have rolled up sleeves to save the furniture, not knowing, however, may not be that a problematic situation would arise later.

Indeed, it is clear that at the time of writing these lines, the majority of dealers of north american vehicles are currently facing a shortage alarming vans. Some do not have much more, other will go up to the St-Jean-Baptiste, or maybe in July. After which, it will be easy to wait six to eight weeks before you come, new vans new, which leads us virtually in September.

Obviously, buyers who have a thirst for Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 are less capricious in their choice, agreeing to deal with the inventory remaining, if they don’t want to wait several months. And it seems that the situation is even more alarming on the side of the United States, where the several dealers, Ford, GM and FCA are already almost empty. Understand that before you supply the Canada, the manufacturers will direct vehicles in the concessions the u.s., where the need is most urgent and where the profits are more generous, the rate of exchange requires.

Why a shortage of stocks? First, you must know that at GM, even before the COVID-19 will knock on the door, a strike had affected the production of vehicles. Then, it was followed by the interference of the railways, which would impede the movement of vehicles to port. The inventories of the dealers were, therefore, already rather low before this virus come and change our lives. And then, as it still managed to sell a certain amount of vehicles between march 15 and may 15, while production was at a complete stop, inventories have been reduced.

So no, don’t think of doing the business of the century in arriving at the dealers, especially you are looking for a vehicle in very high demand. Without being as difficult for all, it is clear that the supply of vehicles for dealers will be difficult, at least until the fall.

A Audi Q3? Good luck. A hybrid at Toyota? Be very patient ! And for the pickups, maybe should you throw your heart on the Nissan Titan. The one with which you could do good business! Because it must be remembered that in this crisis, Nissan is without doubt the builder that has suffered the most. Only in Quebec, sales were down 64% for the month of may, compared to last year. The largest drop of any industry.

The power decline

It also had to be expected, the electric car has taken a beating in recent months. With a litre of gasoline sold at the price of the 90s, several were quickly disinterested. Because to achieve fairness by making the jump to a Hyundai Kona gasoline to an electric model, it should be at $ 1 per litre browse nearly 400 000 km. Even taking into account the generous subsidies.

Obviously, we know very well that the price of petrol-risk of climbed back, especially in the fall, where the automotive market is also expected to change drastically. However, in the meantime, many dealers consider their electric cars as a pebble at the foot. Products almost unsaleable, especially at Chevrolet, where the Bolt are merging almost with the asphalt.

So, want to make green choices? It could then act in this case, the best time to do it. Would you have predicted?

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