Great visit to the Dome

De la grande visite au Dôme

Abraham Toro was a nice surprise to players of the Gunners of Quebec is pointing to the Dome of the stadium Canac, Thursday, just after the beginning of the training session of the youth sports program.

The 100 players who have reserved a warm welcome to the third goal of the Houston Astros. After the presentations and a short speech, Toro has taken moose in the batting cage in the company of the hope of the Blue Jays Jean-Christophe Masson, and a player of the Gunners of Quebec before the capture of cranes for the third goal.

Present in Quebec city at the invitation of his good friend Philippe Berthiaume, with whom he played one season in the uniform of the Seminole State College in 2016 before being drafted in the fifth round by the Astros, Toro had a message for the young people. “I wasn’t the best in high school and I continued to work, has pointed out the one who took advantage of his visit to Quebec to receive its new staves B-45. You are lucky to evolve in a Dome during the winter. This is the second time I come here. I didn’t think there would be as much of the world. I am privileged that the young people know me. I remember that I had come to Quebec to see my brother play for the Capitals when I was 12 or 13 years old. “

Recalled by the Astros on August 22, after having started the season in class AA and have been promoted to the AAA level on the 1st of August, Toro has taken part in 25 games, during which he has hit two circuits, produced nine points and maintained an average of ,218. He played his first game in the major leagues on August 22, to face the Tigers of Detroit, a match in which Berthiaume was present.

What are his expectations for the upcoming season ?

“I’ll fight for a position and I hope that everything will go well, stressed the ambidextrous batting that has started to start on the left at the age of 16 years only. I was already warned that I will be moving on the ground. People want me to use the 3rd, 2nd and 1st in goals, and as a fielder. I feel comfortable in this situation. “


The scandal of the theft of signals in an electronic manner by the Astros has led to the dismissal of manager A. J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow. Dusty Baker has since been appointed the manager of the Astros. The incidents complained of to the Astros is held in 2017 and 2018 and have been released in 2019.

Toro believes that everything will not start again for him due to the arrival of a new manager. “I’ve had exchanges of text messages with the new manager Dusty Baker and the new director-general. I knew Baker reputation. It is certain that it’s going to continue to talk about this, but I look forward. It is out of my control and I wasn’t there when it happened. When the news came out, I had no idea what had happened. I have not had contact with the other players. “

Because of the signature of the receiver Dustin Garneau by the Astros, Toro will have a new number. He gave his number to 13 and will now be the 31.

Hope Blue Jayslui also impressed

Jean-Christophe Masson will begin the training camp of the Blue Jays the 5 next march in Florida.

Hope of the Toronto Blue Jays, Jean-Christophe Masson was as excited as the players of the program of the Gunners of Quebec to meet with Abraham Toro.

“It is sick to know that Abraham wanted to hit with me and Edward Julien, told the choice of the 26th round of the Blue Jays in 2019. I was really excited. I had never met him and I was eager to see it. I wanted to have fun and I asked him for some advice about my swing. “

Masson wants to take inspiration from Toro. “This is a model for me, he mentioned about the 3rd goal of the Houston Astros. This is a guy who always works hard and I wish I, too, have been recognized for my work ethic. If Abraham has reached the major leagues, I can aspire to do it, me too. I don’t have a schedule. I just want to get up every morning and play baseball. “

Toro has been laudatory towards Masson. “At the same age, Jean-Christophe is much more advanced than me, he said. I wasn’t ready to be drafted at 17 years old. Jean-Christophe is great and it is well built. “

A challenge

About Toro sounded like music to the ears of the top of the organization of the Blue Jays. “Coming from a guy like him, it is flattering. “

Masson will leave Florida on February 24. The training camp will begin on march 5 in Dunedin. “I don’t have many expectations for my first real season in the pros, he indicated. I can’t wait. It was going fast, at the beginning, when I visited the dominican Republic last August, but I have absorbed a lot of things this winter. For this first season, I really want to improve myself. I want to progress every day and I don’t think to climb up the ladder. At 17 years old, I know that I do not dominerai not. Before you think it up, I want to start by being good. I know that I have power, and that I strike hard, but I want to become a true hitter. “

“I’ll be the youngest, but I was always among the youngest in the midget AAA and ABC (baseball Academy of Canada), to pursue the outfielder is 6 feet 3 inches and 190 pounds. I like to measure to old. It is a good challenge. “

Masson has not renounced his scholarship from the NCAA with cheerfulness of heart, but he felt that he could not miss the opportunity to make the leap for the pros. “With the money that the Jays have offered me as a bonus for signing (US $ 300,000), I realized that they were really interested in me. They offered me an amount comparable to that granted to the choice of 5th round. They will pay for my university if it does not work with the baseball. If I had played in the NCAA with Missouri, as expected, there is nothing I guaranteed that the opportunity would happen again. “

A big surprise for the Gunners

The young Gunners of Quebec had eyes big as baseballs when they met with Abraham Toro.

The program manager of the Gunners, Jean-Philippe Roy, had created a staging to keep the surprise of the arrival of the player of the Houston Astros. The 100 young people began their training as usual, before taking a break during which they watched a video montage of the circuit of Toro in the match without a point or sure of Justin Verlander, played on the 1st September in the face of the Toronto Blue Jays. In the beginning of the 9th inning, To had managed a long shot of two points for breaking the tie of 0-0, which persisted. He had also managed the final out of the game on a rolling Bo Bichette. For his contribution, he received a Rolex watch from Verlander, who picked up the third game without a point or shot course of his career.

When the lights turned back on, Toro made its appearance in the company of his friend and former team-mate Philippe Berthiaume. “It is a dream to meet him, said the pitcher and outfielder Alexis Hurens. Since I was very little, I would like to see. We knew that it would be a surprise and I had thought of several scenarios, but I never thought that we would be entitled to the visit of Abraham Toro. “


To add to his pleasure, Hurens had the chance to see his name out of a draw that allows a player the Gunners take part in an exercise to stick with Toro and Jean-Christophe Masson. Too nervous, the first player has declined and Hurens jumped on the opportunity when his name came out in second place.

Hurens will try his luck at the selection camp of the ABC’s U-16 and should be released very early during the draft regional LBJEQ, in which the fast was clocked at 85 mph, for the first time on Thursday morning.

For his part, Charles Canuel could not hope for a more beautiful birthday gift. “For my birthday, I’m glad that a major league player came to the Dome, have mentioned the catcher and the outfielder. We expected that a little when we saw the video, but this was a nice surprise. He is an inspiration. It is more difficult for a Quebec breakthrough, and I hope it is going to experience a very good career. From my side, I want to travel as far as possible. “

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