Greece: quake of magnitude 6 off the coast of Crete, not of victims

An earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred Saturday off the coast of Crete, has announced the Observatory geodynamics of Athens, without doing or of casualties or significant damage according to initial information from local authorities.

“No victim and no damage to severe have been reported for the moment “, told AFP an official of the local police reached by telephone.

The tremor occurred at 12: 51 (local time). Its epicenter was located 55 kilometers off the city of Iérapetra, in the south of the island, and 424 kilometres south of Athens, said a press release of the Observatory of Athens.

Greece is located on major geological faults and earthquakes are frequent especially in the sea, often without the victim.

The last earthquake deadly, magnitude of 6.7, was held on the island of Kos in the Aegean in July 2017, killing two people.

The most deadly of recent years, with a magnitude of 5.9, occurred in the region of Athens in 1999. 143 people had been killed.

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