Greek Islands and Athens are preparing for a devastating tsunami

Греческие острова и Афины готовятся к разрушительному цунами

The city and the Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean can be destroyed by a huge tsunami, as can occur due to dangerous levels of seismic activity in the region, according to “BBC Ukraine” with reference to the tabloid the Sun.

Seismologists predict a devastating earthquake, given the recent “shocking variations” in Bosnia and Albania, and the fear that there is a direct danger to Athens and the Greek Islands.

According to the Greek Professor of the Institute of geodynamics of the ACIS Tselentis, “in some areas, particularly in the East of the Gulf of Corinth, it has a lot of seismic energy that seeks to release”.

In his view, we should expect earthquakes of about 6.5 points. It is likely that it will be near a large city and will have serious consequences. Also, a significant tsunami risk.

According to The Sun, the risk is perceived so seriously that the Navy has held exercises on rescue of the wounded in case the earthquake will cause high killer wave that will cover the coastal communities. Meanwhile, scientists are monitoring the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, to help the centres for the tsunami warning to recognize the signs of an earthquake, if it happens not on land.

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