Green light to the déconfinement gradual team sports

Feu vert au déconfinement graduel des sports d’équipe

Sport, your uniform ! Québec gives green light to the déconfinement gradual team sports outside such as baseball or soccer as of 8 June. Matches could take place as early as the end of the month.

For the moment, only the training supervised will be allowed, and the distancing physics of two metres must be respected. The practice of sports must be tailored to the health measures.

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“We give permission to all the sports that are practised outside “, announced Thursday the minister of Sport Isabelle Charest.

The matches could resume at the end of the month of June, subject to approval by the public health guides prepared by the different sports federations.

The players, however, must not expect to real fighting as we knew before the pandemic, if one believes the ex-olympic medallist.

“It is important to be aware that the sport does not play the same way this summer. It is important to be aware that there will be a lot of adaptation to do. But I still trust that the fun will be at the rendez-vous “, she said, flanked by its leader François Legault and Dr. Horacio Arruda.

A distance of one meter ?

Parents who are reluctant to enroll their children in sports teams this summer due to health restrictions, the minister Charest countered that young people need to move and play with their friends.

“Maybe it will not be as fun to watch [this year] for the parents, in the bleachers, but for children, the benefits are provided “, she insisted.

The prime minister and the national director of public health has been more encouraging on the form of the parts of baseball, soccer or even hockey in a few weeks.

Dr. Arruda has been argued that there is less risk of contamination when crossing the rapids between team-mates or opponents that, when people are in close proximity for a long period of time.

The instruction of social distancing could even be reduced, who knows. “Maybe one day, the distance will drop to a meter, particularly when it is young people because the risk of disease is less great “, he slipped during the press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19 in Quebec.

Amateur self-confessed hockey, the prime minister is optimistic, including for professional sports.

“The guidelines will evolve, and then, me, I have good hope to see the Capitals, to see the Impact and then to see the Canadian in the coming months, play real games,” insisted François Legault.

Private swimming pools

The minister Charest also announced Thursday that the supervised practice of individual sports may resume as of 8 June. Yoga classes and other such activities will also be held in the open air in compliance with the rules of distancing physical.

The private pools will also be open to the public.

It is allowed as early as 8 June

The minister of Sports, Isabelle Charest, announced Thursday that the team sports will be able to return to the outside in the form of training for the moment.

  • Team sports such as soccer, baseball, or hockey , in the form of training outside supervised
  • Activities such as yoga classes in the open air
  • The outdoor outings guided
  • The local competitions of individual sports that are held outside
  • In all cases, the distancing physics of two meters between individuals must be respected.

Matches will resume at the end of the month, subject to the approval of the guides of the sports federations by the public health.


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