Green shaggy wonder for harmony: the kiwi as an effective tool for weight loss

Зеленое мохнатое чудо для стройности: киви как действенное средство для похудения

Taste of kiwi to the liking is not for everyone. You could even say that this exotic fruit for everybody. But when you do that with kiwi you can lose weight, their hostility to him at once forget. We offer you to learn in more detail how with this simple fruit can lose weight.

Use kiwi for weight loss

Using kiwi as one of the components of the diet, you not only burn extra pounds, but also improve your immunity. And it is important that the muscle mass will remain normal. But the fact is that the kiwi is part of carnitine, which allows you to get rid of excess fat without the assistance of any other intervention.

In addition, kiwi contains a lot of vitamin C and various antioxidants. Thus it contains low calories, so its use does not create absolutely no danger. And thanks to the structure of the fruit you will be able to control your appetite, because it reduces kiwi.

If you eat one kiwi fruit on an empty stomach, you can keep your body toned throughout the day. There are people who eat kiwi fruit with the skin. Indeed, the peel also contains a lot of nutrients, but its use, under force far not to everyone. “Hairy fruit” you can eat not all, but this is not required.

Peeled kiwi contains no less vitamins and fiber, by which he fills the body with energy. The important point is that the composition of kiwi fruit contains zinc. Its lack in the body triggers the feeling of appetite, which could lead to the risk of overeating. Therefore, the use of this fruit has a positive effect on appetite, and also, cleanses the intestines.

Unloading of the body

Even if you lead a normal life and not sit on a diet, then once a week you can arrange for you a fasting day. Its essence lies in the use 6 of kiwifruit. In addition, it is recommended to drink a half liter of yogurt (instead of yogurt you can use yogurt with low fat content). This method of discharge allows you to lose about 2 pounds per day.

This does not necessarily drinking kefir in its pure form. It can be mixed with various fruits (especially pleasant the taste of yogurt with oranges or other citrus). These products will optimize the digestive system, which ultimately will impact on the appetite.

Two diets based on kiwi

Next, we would like to offer you 2 way of losing weight with the help of kiwi. Each diet is designed only for a week. But already after only 7 days, you will see that at least 7 kg of your weight is gone. If this muscle mass will remain in place.

“Green” diet

Breakfast. For Breakfast it is best to eat something easily digestible, so we offer you the option of a very lightweight but at the same time delicious and nutritious salad. For its preparation you will need only 4 components: one kiwi and bell peppers, 2 bunches of green onions and as many leaves of lettuce. All this should finely chop and mix. To enhance the taste as a dressing, use lemon juice or French mustard.

— Second Breakfast. It is a small snack, so it is enough to prepare a fruit cocktail. With a blender, prepare a lot of Apple, kiwi and banana. If you didn’t have the blender, all these fruits can be consumed in its pure form.

— Lunch. The basis of the lunch should be dairy products. It is best to take a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir. Place the 3 tablespoons of rolled oats and finely chopped Mandarin with kiwi. Leave it on for 15 minutes so that the cereal could stand, and take for the use.

— Afternoon snack. Should be very easy, so the best option is fruit salad. Based on the need to take a banana, Apple and kiwi. Chopped fruit mix with a glass of low-fat yogurt. To enhance the taste, you can add a small amount of cinnamon.

Dinner. Since the diet of fruit with the addition of greens for dinner, again you need to make fruit salad. For this we need a small amount of boiled brown rice. Mix it with yogurt or kefir, and also put kiwifruit, Apple and salad leaves (all that you first need to cut). You might think that all listed products are not combined with each other, but in fact, this nutritious salad will surprise you with its taste.

— The second dinner. There is no need to invent anything — just eat an orange and then you can go to relax.

Diet on the proteins

Breakfast. For Breakfast it is recommended to prepare a light salad with no dressing. It is based on boiled brown rice (enough to take 100 grams). Mix it with Apple, kiwi and a small amount of varieties of cheese “feta”. After Breakfast, drink a glass of green tea in order to brighten up the dry taste of the food.

— Second Breakfast. This snack should be as light as possible so it is enough to take a banana and kiwi. They can be used in pure form, but it is better to make a cocktail (if possible). Can also add a little lemon juice.

— Lunch. For lunch you can eat a very delicious salad. To do this, cut in small dice 15 grams of chicken, add a boiled egg, a small grapefruit, 2 kiwi (all chopped), and green onions. The resulting salad season with salt, black pepper and a little lemon juice or vegetable oil. If you decide to use oil, it is better to take olive because it contains a lot of useful trace elements.

— Afternoon snack. In the afternoon you can prepare an easy fruit salad. To do this, take a banana and 2 medium kiwi, all finely cut and mix with a glass of yogurt. If yogurt is not, can replace it with yogurt.

Dinner. Another salad. For its preparation take 50 grams of brown rice and cook it. Mix with kiwi and a small amount of cheese “feta”. To fill this salad is olive oil.

— The second dinner. Here everything is very simple — it will be enough cups of yogurt.

You can use any option of the diet on their own, especially given that the set of products in each are about the same. In any case, be sure that the result will not keep itself waiting long. And don’t forget to eat a kiwi!

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