Greenland accepts a u.s. aid of $ 12.1 million for projects “civilians”

Le Groenland accepte une aide américaine de 12,1 millions de dollars pour des projets « civils »

The government of greenland announced Thursday to have agreed to the american proposal to pay $ 12.1 million dollars of aid to this huge Danish territory plunged into the Arctic, which never ceases to arouse the attention of the great powers.

“It is positive that the increased cooperation between Greenland and the United States are translated into tangible results in the form of funding of projects in Greenland “, welcomed the Prime minister of greenland Kim Kielsen, in a news release.

U.s. aid for civilian projects and will mainly focus on the mining industry, tourism, and education.

For the Americans, which were obtained in December for the green light from Copenhagen to install a consulate in the capital of greenland Nuuk, it is especially important to keep the hand in the region after the failed attempt of the president Trump to buy this island is gigantic in August.

“We want a Arctic secure and stable, where the United States are protected (…) and the arctic states work together to address common challenges “, said to the press as a representative of the u.s. department of State.

The natural resources of Greenland (oil, gas, gold, diamond, uranium, zinc, lead) and the warming opens up new shipping lanes, raising the interest of the great powers, primarily the United States, China and Russia.

In August, the president, Donald Trump had indicated its intention to redeem the Greenland, a way to position itself in the regional arena, where the United States is concerned about the claims of the chinese and russians.

He was seen opposite an end of the non-receivable by the governments of denmark and greenland.

“There is no project (…) involving the purchase of Greenland “, for its part, has guaranteed the department of State.

“Greenland is in a precarious economic situation, where the government has a need to attract foreign economic investment to balance the accounts “, explained to AFP Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen, professor at the royal Academy of Defence, a specialist in the region.

Since 2009, Greenland is very largely independent of Denmark in its economic policy, while the tasks of government, such as the currency, and the foreign policy and defence remain the responsibility of Copenhagen, which maintains under perfusion the territory by paying $ 3.6 billion kroner (483 million euros) each year.

The Danish government, the agreement between Greenland and the United States is a natural continuation of the cooperation of american-Danish.

“It is a desire to deepen a partnership, a strategic collaboration we have for many years “, said to the Danish agency Ritzau, the head of the diplomacy of the Danish, Jeppe Kofod.

According to him, the Danish state – consisting of three entity, the Denmark metropolitan Faroe islands and Greenland – released “enhanced” of this announcement.

“It is fascinating to see how Greenland is included in the formulation of global policies “, has for its part welcomed with the AFP Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam, one of two deputies in greenland sitting in the Danish Parliament.

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