Greenpeace found powerful sources of radiation at the Olympic facility in Japan

"Гринпис" обнаружил мощные источники радиации на олимпийском объекте в Японии

Pockets of high levels of radiation detected in the stadium, J-Village in Fukushima, reports RIA Novosti .

According to experts of Greenpeace radiation levels on the soil surface around the stadium to start the Olympic torch relay, is 71 microsieverts per hour. The report noted that it was in 1775 times higher than before the nuclear accident “Fukuoka 1” in 2011.

November 18, Greenpeace sent a letter to the Minister of the environment of Japan with the requirement to take action.

On 3 December, the company, the plant operator TEPCO has removed the top layer of soil around the stadium.

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