Greetings beloved on Valentine’s Day

Girls look forward to Valentine’s Day, because this day is always filled with awe and love. Men never favorite leave without attention such a wonderful holiday.

Привітання коханій на День Святого Валентина

However, sometimes even the most well-read guys don’t have enough words to Express all my love and to talk about their feelings. To help them we’re in a hurry. Of course, you can look for various wishes over the Internet, but it is long and inefficient. Better spend that time looking for the gift, and wishes for girls can choose directly from our website. All the wishes made by the heart, as if you yourself wrote them. Your girl will not even notice the difference, before that, by the way, we’re all striving for. All is done for your benefit.


I remember our first date
You bloomed like a rose in the garden of Eden!
You’re like a strange vision
I won’t give you to anyone.
Today is a holiday of all lovers,
Really happy I’m with you,
And as if the boy inspired
Every day I breathe you!


Welcome my favorite,
With Valentine’s day, I congratulate
You: you’re all precious to me,
Valentine’s day honors the Earth,
Planet love crazy,
And I’m wanting only you.
My love, save me quickly!


Today is our celebration with you
After all, it’s made for lovers
To you I news love
We of love scorched…
We have suffered, so —
Us this holiday — will have
And me, well, you — macho
From today, they will not lose anything!


You are a strange angel, road,
You got me in the excitement!
And on Valentine’s Day
Give a love poem.
Let our sense of bright bird,
Flies in white clouds.
And this happiness lasts forever,
In reality and sweet dreams!
Without wings the angel in anger scary,
And I’ll ask with a pure heart:
Always be gentle, very soft
And the wings don’t give to the dry cleaners!


Tell me, my dear Saint Valentine
I’m in the world love?
And if you have, then who is she? Where?
In which I hide? Il town?
I hope she doesn’t dream and doesn’t smoke.
Oh, how I hope to be her favorite.
And the Holy, you are Holy Valentin
Were circling above us, the owner of this world!


I want for you to mean SOMETHING!
I want you to be SOMEONE else!
No silent NOTHING, who the night crying;
No faceless NOBODY who can not live.
I want you to listen to the wind
Slightly disheveled blond hair,
I want you to see the sweater
With overflow heavenly bands.
I want this cool evening,
Near the large fireplace sitting,
I will say that in your life so,
Warm sweet look at all!

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