Greetings Kolomoisky and “Burned hut Gontareva”: who calls the tune, “95 quarter”?

Приветы Коломойского и «Горела хата Гонтаревой»: кто заказывает музыку «95 кварталу»?

Oligarch Kolomoisky has invented a new way of “sending greetings” the former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, which is now hiding in London and expects to receive in the UK for political asylum. She did not come for questioning in the GPU, where she is suspected of money laundering the family of Yanukovych, which was after flight ex-the guarantor is distributed between Poroshenko, the President Turchinov.

In addition, Qom Petro Poroshenko strongly dates the oligarch Kolomoisky – he wants to ask her about the money “Private”. He offered to send over Gontareva plane to take her for questioning at the state Bureau of investigation. However, the former head of the NBU is the flight to Kiev was on a hospital bed: she got in an accident in London. Insiders suggest that it was only a pretext, especially since in the hospital she was visited by Poroshenko with his wife, dressed in a t-shirt “We won’t break.” The fact that all the keys and codes to Bank fraud the former President kept his godfathers, because the former guarantor of, and often in London.

Recall that during the illness of the former head of the NBU in Kiev burned the car belonging to her son and then burned and the house of cementarnica “Private”. She attributed this to political persecution and death threats In June Gontareva said that she was threatened by the former owner of “PrivatBank” Igor Kolomoisky. As the former head of the NBU, he wants the opinion of all connected with the case of Bank claims against him around the world, and “the national Bank prevents him”.However, Igor takes perseverance and ingenuity in the return of their assets. As we wrote above, “in the dance” conveys Gontareva quite clear signals. So, in the new issue of “Evening quarter” on channel 1+1, comedians laughed at the fire in the house of obesity Kolomoisky: they sang a song about the burning of the house of the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva near Kiev. Zest rooms is that scandalous verses played a leading Eugene Mishka (he tipped in mayors of Kiev), and he sang the female part of the National honored academic Ukrainian folk choir named after G. Veryovka. This choir always sings the anthem of Ukraine at the opening session of Parliament.The song itself sounded to the tune of well-known folk melodies: “Burned house, burned, in London, the woman cried…” Mishka called this style “zazhigalnoy folk”. However, this is nothing more than the threat of song Gontareva from the CPI, because the song focuses on the fact that Kuma Poroshenko collapsed the national currency, “burned” in banks, depositors ‘ money and nationalized “Private” in the interests poroshenkovskogo environment.Igor Kolomoisky said publicly that the number is controlled by the clowns he liked it. The businessman said he did not think the joke room of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, dedicated to the arson of the former head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva, since it is not on the last of its assets. He said that he really liked the phrase that “the hut burned down from shame” and that “Valeria thinks Valerica”.

Reporters asked if Kolomoisky does not consider this number a sneer, the businessman said no. “It’s not the last property burned. What, only her house burned down? And how many in the Donbas houses burned down?” – retorted the oligarch.

However, some users of social networks (mostly supporters of ex-President Poroshenko, though not only) humor Kolomoisky and “Quarter” are not appreciated. But on the contrary, considered that humor mocking and blasphemous. For example, Irina Gerashchenko already preparing a letter to the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov that the choir of the Rope was not required to perform national anthem at opening and closing sessions of the Verkhovna Rada. And encouraged to think “are we really willing to Finance the transformation of the choir with a world name on priblatnennyi labuhov without honor and conscience”.

But the press Secretary Poroshenko Svyatoslav Tsigalko addressed directly to Zelensky: “given that all scenarios “Quarter” another reads himself Zelensky, do I understand correctly that this vile song and the position of the President in the burning of the house of Valeria Gontareva?”. However, it is not surprising that porohovoy so nervous, because at stake is the security and Finance accomplice Gontareva Petro Poroshenko, from the hand which is feeds his attendants.

It is noteworthy that condemned the song of the quarter and the Minister of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine Volodymyr Borodyansky, who is known as a creature of the Pinchuk Foundation. “Saracenic” publicly apologized to the former head of the national Bank: “Excuse me, Valeria Alekseevna, I am ashamed of the national honored academic Ukrainian folk choir of Ukraine named G. Veryovka”, – he wrote in Facebook. This is just not surprising, because the US Democrats, too, support Gontareva in her “courageous struggle against the oligarch Kolomoisky”. Co-chair of the group of support of Ukraine in the U.S. House of representatives, Congressman from the Democratic party Marcy Kaptur invited the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva in Washington to speak to members of the group of support for Ukraine. She noted that it was concerned about attacks on the former head of the NBU and members of her family. Kaptur has written that under the leadership of Gontareva, the national Bank was engaged in cleaning of Ukraine’s banking system and slowing inflation.

“Impressive that you boldly nationalized PrivatBank, while reining in the corrupt government of the notorious oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Your leadership and work on promoting anti-corruption reforms threatened the corrupt, entrenched interests of Ukrainian oligarchic class,” — said in a letter to the Democrat US.Surrounded by very Zelensky, as in “the Servant of the people” very carefully evaluate ambiguous music “Quarter”. For example, the Deputy from SN Max Buzhansky said that a song about Gontareva I wasn’t listening, and therefore it is silent. “But all those who are so loudly silent, and said nothing about wool show, too, ought to remain silent. Their words are not worth absolutely nothing, together with outrage, righteous anger and all the rest,” said he, in his Telegrams-channel. And called on the head of the Ministry of culture, formerly head of the media holding company of oligarch Pinchuk, apologize for “Wool show” (broadcast on ICTV), and indeed, for the content of the channels of the Fifth and Straight.Olga Talova