Grieving mother demands tougher finished tire law

Grieving mother demands tougher finished tire law

A mother demands that the law on used tires be more severe, a year after a traffic accident claimed the life of her son, in particular because of the poor condition of the tires.

“The law accepts tires that are practically finished. We are not necessarily safe, even if we respect the regulations, ”says Valéry Pelletier.

On September 2, 2019, her 20-year-old son Christophe Thivierge was in the back of a car that reportedly hydroplaned before colliding with another vehicle.

A cross was erected on the edge of road 112 where the two young people perished.

The fatal collision, which took place on route 112 in Ascot Corner, in the Eastern Townships, also claimed the life of Dominic Lemieux-Richard, 23, in addition to seriously injuring the passenger Cédrik-Alexandre Andrews as well as the driver.

A critical coroner

In addition to the wet pavement and the presence of ruts in the area, the “fairly worn” tires of the car would be involved in this tragedy, said coroner Richard Drapeau, who recently issued his report on the deaths.

“He had rear tires with a tread depth of [2.4 mm] in one case, and [1.6 mm] in the other,” reads his report.

According to the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), for an acceptable minimum so that safety is not compromised, the tread must be at least 4.8 mm at the time of their installation. To be legal, it only needs to be 1.6mm or more.

We can see that the force of the impact gave him no chance.

Vouchers for recycling

“Now [at this thickness], people have to seriously adapt their behavior. They are not far from being tires that are just good for waste, ”comments coroner Richard Drapeau.

According to him, it is common to see accidents due to bad tires.

“It's illogical,” says Valéry Pelletier indignantly. I do not understand why the law does not go in the same direction as security. ”

Despite the circumstances, she insists that she doesn't hold it against the driver of the vehicle.

“Precisely, it was legal. It is the law that should be changed. We don't even know the danger [of worn tires], until time to read a coroner's report. ”

She wants to make people aware of the importance of having good tires, “to prevent another family from having to go through this tragedy”. “If at least the death of my son can be used to save a life”, she drops.

In his report, Coroner Drapeau recommends that the SAAQ, as well as driving schools, include in its prevention campaigns a message on the importance of driving with good unworn tires, of the same wear, of recent date. and of the same model.

In reaction to the coroner's recommendations, SAAQ spokesperson Mario Vaillancourt indicates that “the information disseminated about the importance of riding with good tires will be reviewed in order to make the message even more precise and complete for the drivers “.

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