Groisman unexpectedly supported Zelensky and criticized Poroshenko

Гройсман неожиданно поддержал Зеленского и раскритиковал Порошенко

The former Prime Minister outlined that a society should unite.

Former Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman strongly condemned today’s protest at Independence square aimed at warning President Vladimir Zelensky not to cross “red lines” at the summit in Paris, where he will meet the leaders “channel four”. Groysman wrote on his page in Facebook.

Thus, according to the former Prime Minister, current President expects the most complicated and highly important meeting in the international arena, and society at that time should be cohesive and Express support.

“The time when politicians must show that they are statesmen, not cheap politicians who want to put the bandwagon of the President as a political opponent. A time when we must continue to fight and support the restoration of our territorial integrity, for peace in our native land, for the success of our country”, – stressed in his message Groisman and wished good luck Zelensky.

On the eve of the “channel meeting” in Paris, the world is actively encouraged to pray for talks about ending the war in the Donbass, and also appeal to the Russian side to comply with the agreements prescribed in the Minsk agreements. At the same time, the President’s Office on Bankova continues a spontaneous rally called “Night watch”, which serves as a reminder to the President that he should do at the meeting with Vladimir Putin, and what should not.

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