Group Optel wants to measure the risk by district

Groupe Optel veut mesurer le risque par quartier

While the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to expand in Quebec, the Group Optel proposes a solution that would allow to locate the infected individuals anonymously, to better understand their health status and the potential for spread by city, neighborhood, or even street.

This platform, which will provide a reading in real time, could be deployed by “one to two weeks,” says the executive Journal. It must be said that Optel explores the not in unknown waters.

The company from Quebec specialized in traceability systems in the field of health.

Founder and president, Louis Roy, said they have currently in discussions with Quebec and Ottawa to its know-how. It also has exchanges with organisations in Brazil, France, India and the United States.

The platform of Optel would not require the cooperation of the telecommunications giants for the geo-location of people. It is on a voluntary basis and anonymous as the sick are part of the program by downloading an application on their cell phones.

This war effort would provide a real-time analysis by sector of the number of people infected. This could also be used to assess the risk to the business.

“The aim is to follow the symptoms and measure the risk. The application would pose regular questions to the people on their health and she would look at the geo-location, ” says Mr. Roy.

“The platform could also be used to trade. For example, if there are more cases in a district, the government could send a message to residents to warn them ” says the business man.

Draw equipment

In addition, the company offers to the healthcare system a technology of traceability that would allow to know in real time the stock of masks, respirators or vaccines in the each hospital or clinic.

“We could control inventory at all levels. We could see, for example, that in such a hospital, there are 100 respirators, but that there is not a lot of cases. We could transfer the equipment elsewhere, ” said Mr. Roy.

Optel, which has about 550 workers, has facilities in Quebec, the United States, India, Ireland and Brazil. The majority of workers are currently teleworking.

With temporary layoffs

“In India, our site is completely closed. Even the pharmaceutical plants are, for the moment arrested. Nothing moves. This is the method of hammer to control the pandemic “, says Mr Roy.

The latter concedes that he will likely have to do with temporary layoffs over the next few days in order to ensure the financial health of its organization. He is currently working on a plan.

The platform Optel

  • Traceability of the evolution of the virus on a voluntary basis and anonymous
  • Risk assessment by territory
  • Know in real time the stock of masks, respirators or vaccines

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