Guardian: at the NATO summit macron clashed with Erdogan and the tramp

Guardian: на саммите НАТО Макрон схлестнулся с Эрдоганом и Трампом

The fragmentation of NATO was fully apparent on the opening day of the summit of leaders of member countries of the Alliance in London. The President of France Emmanuel macron has accused Turkey of colluding with the puppet forces of the “Islamic state”*, and Donald trump called criticisms of the Macron about “brain death” NATO offensive and “very, very unpleasant”.For his part, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to veto the NATO plan to protect Baltic countries, if NATO members do not agree with his assessment that the Kurdish militants in Syria operating near the border with Turkey are the terrorists — the macron and the Pentagon disagree.Meanwhile, trump continued to insist that it is not fulfilling its obligations with NATO members must increase defense spending. He warned that if they do not, he will consider the possibility of imposing trade sanctions.A sense of disorder, reflecting the larger differences in relation to the future tasks of NATO, was the result of a series of highly revealing press conferences with the participation of trump.Boris Johnson, who will be hosting the NATO summit this year, for the most part tried to stay in the shadows, but at the same time organized a meeting in Downing street in an attempt to develop a common European-Turkish approach to the crisis in the North-East of Syria, where tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have been forced to resign over the invasion of Turkey and her agents in October.The basis of the criticism of Macron on the “brain death” NATO lay his dismay at Turkey’s refusal to listen to the other members of the Alliance in the issue of this invasion. Turkey consulted only with trump, and he gave the green light, which led to a powerful negative reaction in the United States.On Tuesday, December 3, Makron repeatedly warned that ISIS returns to Syria due to the invasion of Turkey, as this invasion led to a weakening of Kurdish Democratic forces in Syria, including the people’s protection Units, who were the main support in the fight against ISIL*. At some point the Makron accused Turkey of collaboration with the puppet forces of ISIS.Macron stated that he supports the development of a larger NATO, including the fight against terrorism, but added: “I’m sorry that we have no unified definition of terrorism. When I look at Turkey, they’re fighting against those who fight together with us, who fought with us shoulder to shoulder against ISIS. And sometimes they even cooperate with the puppets of ISIS”. According to Him, Turkey must finally determine its attitude to these groups.He added: “I understand that now they want to block all the declarations at the summit, if we don’t agree with their definition of terrorism. But we do not agree with this definition”.The French President also asked how Turkey can be a member of the NATO Alliance and to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. “Technically it is impossible,” he said.Like most of the leaders of the Alliance macron believes that the presence of made in Russia of defense systems within NATO leaves the NATO military equipment, including fighter jets F-35 vulnerable to Russian military intelligence.When reporters asked trump about whether the United States to impose sanctions against Turkey in connection with its decision to buy the s-400, as required by the us Congress, the President replied that he was studying the issue.Then trump said — wrongly — that Turkey had to agree to the purchase of s-400, because Barack Obama refused to sell Turkey the American anti-missile complexes “Patriot”. “A very long time, Turkey wanted to buy the patriots,” said trump, adding that Obama has refused them to her to sell.In fact, the Obama administration repeatedly offered Turkey to buy these systems, but Erdogan refused, as proposed by the United States the transaction did not involve transfer of basic technologies “Patriot”.After these statements of trump regarding the positions of Turkey Makron decided to intervene. “It is their own decision,’ he said, referring to the Turkey and adding that Europe is also suggested Erdogan to purchase air defense system. — Even with a European alternative, which is fully consistent with NATO requirements, they decided to violate the requirements of the Alliance.”Then trump asked Him if he is willing to take some of the foreign fighters, whom America has seized in Syria and Iraq. Trump said: “Now in Syria we have behind bars is a huge set of captured militants, mostly from Europe. Would you like to take a few cute ISIL militants? Can I get you to send them. You can even take all if you want.”When macron replied with platitudes about the future status of the terrorists ISIS, trump said, “That’s why he’s such a great politician. This is one of the most brilliant non-answers I have ever heard. Everything is fine”.During this intense conversation, macron said: “Let’s be serious. Do you militants come from Europe. But it is a smaller part of the massive problems we face. I think this is the number one priority as we this issue is not yet decided, is to get rid of ISIS.”At an earlier press conference, trump spoke about the Makron in a rude manner, stating that the comments of the French President regarding the death of the brain NATO was “very, very unpleasant.””I think that sounded offensive to many different forces — said trump. — You have no right to make such statements about NATO. It is extremely disrespectful”.Meanwhile, trump once said that the NATO Alliance is outdated.From the moment that Turkish troops invaded the North-Eastern Syria in October, macron argued that this move represents a catastrophic departure from the essential priority of the task to destroy ISIS. Macron was also extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the United States began to withdraw from the area of its military, actually transferring the air base to the Russians.In an attempt to show solidarity with Syrian Kurds macron took in Paris of the political leaders of the Kurdish people’s protection Units, praising them for their sacrifices, which they went to destroy ISIS.Though trump often praised Erdogan, and many members of his administration are more critical. In an interview with Reuters, the Minister of defense mark Esper (Mark Esper) agreed with Him that the NATO Alliance can not accept the people’s protection Units as a terrorist organization. Esper said: “the Message for Turkey is that we need to move forward in these response plans, and that her concerns should not prevent it”.”The unity of the Alliance, the willingness of the Alliance means that you have to focus on more ambitious tasks, and a more ambitious task is the readiness of the NATO Alliance. Not all are willing to support their program. Not all see the threats that they see”.

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