Guardian: Johnson suffered another defeat in Parliament

Instead of voting on the deal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU bracito the British Parliament passed the amendment to postpone the country’s exit from the European Union, reports The Guardian. Johnson replied that he did not intend to discuss the issue with the EU and next week again will take the deal to a vote.

Guardian: Джонсон потерпел очередное поражение в парламенте

TwitterПремьер Minister Boris Johnson suffered another humiliating defeat in the British Parliament, reports The Guardian.

So, instead of having to support a deal to bracito done Johnson with the EU earlier this week, members of the house of Commons voted for the adoption of an amendment postponement of his country’s exit from the EU. The amendment proposed cross-party group of parliamentarians initiated the vote on which was made by the conservative Oliver Letwin, was approved by 322 votes, while 306 voted against politicians. “Now the Prime Minister must abide by the law. He can no longer use the threat of leaving the EU without a deal to blackmail members of Parliament for the support of his corrupt deals,” said the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn. The head of state stressed that the defeat of his “not confused and not alarmed”. Johnson promised that next week the government will re-introduce to Parliament the deal with the EU and will submit to the laws necessary for breccia on the terms of the new agreement on October 31. “I will not discuss with the EU the possibility of a delay, and the law does not oblige me to do,” said Johnson, referring to the parliamentarians. However, according to last month’s law, Johnson must request a postponement from Brussels, if the agreement is not approved by the Parliament until 19 October. According to The Guardian a key role in the defeat of Johnson was played by the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland refused to support a deal that “cuts” the region from the rest of the UK.

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