Guardiola does not know Russian and it is good, said Utkin

Гвардиола не знает русского и это хорошо, считает Уткин

“Now we are discussing the statement of Viktor Goncharenko, which do not want to quote. He there thoroughly “was privlekal”. You know, he’s that word no one called. It was such an interjection. Again, do not see anything insulting In the match Sochi – CSKA people counted three clear mistakes of referee. It really is absolutely worthless. I agree with Viktor Goncharenko in his interjection…

That’s PEP Guardiola. Taught-taught foreign languages… Before joining Bayern Munich was learning German, before coming to England, taught English, I think refreshed, most likely. Suitable after the match, “city” PEP arbitrators, being dissatisfied with their work, and all he can say, “thank you”. And raises up a finger, and the finger, this index finger is also wrong! But most importantly, PEP Guardiola finds words. He never even said “thank you b… thank you.” I could, but I didn’t. Does not know Russian. Discussion about the Russian language, too, is now in the trend,” he said, in particular, Utkin.

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