Guatemalan stone head have a magnetic field

Гватемальские каменные головы обладают магнитным полем

Guatemalan stone sculptures of heads, which were created about two thousand years ago, have special magnetic field, is reported . The relevant observation made by a group of scientists from Harvard University.

According to experts, many of the giant heads carved in such a way that an unusual magnetic background coincided with the navel or on the right cheek sculptures.

Ten of the eleven goals have a special magnetic field due to the fact that before they were done, the stone was struck by lightning and has created within its own magnetic field.

Earlier it was reported that the exoplanets detected magnetic field. Specialists considered one kind of heavenly body – super-earths in size five times that of our planet. It turned out that they also may be a “protective shell”, and it is generated from oceans of magma.