Guide makeup: the basic methods and techniques for the qualitative make-up

11 makeup tips that will reveal your beauty.

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

In ancient times the Greeks and the Chinese had to apply tons of powder from lead and vinegar on the face to achieve the perfect pale color. Traces of this bleaching powder has been discovered in many archaeological excavations. We believe that there are many more simple and healthy options to any day of the week to look like a beautiful Greek goddess or a graceful Chinese beauty. So let’s try them!

Say no natural light

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

Natural light in the room, of course, very important but, despite popular opinion, natural light is not necessarily the best for applying makeup. We urge you, under any circumstances, even if the weather is cloudy, do not apply makeup in direct sunlight. What you see when you look in the mirror in such conditions?

Unfortunately, you see everything and more. The fact that natural light is refracted by the window glass. This gives the skin a dark and cold shade, and highlights the shortcomings. You will want to cover them when you see them, but in the end, such coverage will give you too heavy makeup and a bad mood. We suggest you to buy a nice makeup mirror with spotlights around. This type of peace will fall on your face evenly and highlight every part of it. Select a lamp with a neutral temperature without yellow or blue tones, informs Rus.Media.

Purchase quality makeup brushes

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

In addition to the fact that they can be purchased in beauty shops, brushes can also be found in art supply stores. Their price will be much lower compared to professional brands cosmetics. Japanese thin brush is perfect for creating arrows for the eyes, as it is thin and persistent. Flat brush with angled cut is perfect for eyebrows.

You can use a small oval brush with a corner cut to apply lipstick, and most will help you to apply concealer or lip gloss. Brush flat square slices are helpful to make the finishing touches on the makeup and, thus, to correct any errors or to make the line of eye shadow is less intense.

Apply conditioner to natural makeup brushes

You care about your hair, why aren’t you doing the same with their natural brushes? Their thin bristles require conditioning just as our hair strands. You can use any professional product for the hair. Air conditioning is a less aggressive detergent makes the brushes smell and covers hair with a protective film. The structure becomes softer and the brush retains its flexibility. Remember that good quality brushes in the best condition is half the battle in makeup.

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

Make sure your face cream and Foundation are of the same composition

Cosmetics must match your skin type and your daily makeup. For example, your moisturiser, your primer and Foundation should have the same base – water, or oil. Oil it interacts poorly with water, we know from chemistry lessons. That is why it is important to know this rule when applying makeup. Liquid moisturizer makeup base (water) will not stay on very thick creams (oils). Easy to learn the basis of the product that you are using: creams and water-based soluble in water, and those that are made from oil, leaving oily film on the surface.

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

Try a primer instead of eye cream.

The softening base is a lightweight, translucent, light pink cream, rich in particles that reflect light. Such first or previous base highlights the eye area and prepares it for applying masking tools. It also masks the peeling of the skin and its flaws. Be sure to clean the upper eyelid to remove the fat from the skin. The excess moisture will negatively affect the durability of your makeup.

Use the mineral powder correctly

Mineral powder is a Foundation, the fine particles which dissolve in the Foundation or in oil for the skin, forming a very thin coating on the face. This powder is great for hypersensitive, dry and transparent skin without excessive pigmentation. It will be useful during the holidays, and also has a high level of protection from ultraviolet rays.

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

This powder is considered a product with a “deferred action” as the appearance of the final effect may take from 20 to 40 minutes. To get an immediate effect directly after applying powder on your face, apply a bit of moisturizer so that your particles will dissolve in the moisturizing components. Apply powder with a large brush over the top of the Foundation.

Samate dark circles correctly

If the bags under the eyes are one of your main problems focus on the allocation of this area. Buy a concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it under your eyes. The advice here is to apply concealer in a triangle shape from the inner corner of the eye outward, and then the nose wings. Stroke the contours, thus the swollen area will be evenly allocated and will not attract attention because of its volume.

Shine like a diamond, but don’t overdo it

“Gating” (a technique to hiliting) is one of the techniques that can adjust the shape of your face. We are talking about the allocation of certain parts of the face with products that reflect light. In other words, it adds freshness and a healthy glow to your face. However, the use of Gating technology has some rules. Always remember the following:

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

Ampoule that creates radiant skin with visible wrinkles, mix all the foods-military and apply on face to avoid the allocation of an uneven surface on the skin.

Oily skin: do not apply these products in areas with active sebum such as forehead or chin (also known as the T zone). This will create the effect of a “fat pancake”.

Swollen areas: the reflection of light to maximize volume. Use only matte products for these areas.

Skin with acne: pimples and dark spots will become more visible if you put the funds, which are reflected in their light. Use the highlighter just under the Foundation.

Eyeliner between the upper lashes to the effect of “cat’s eye”

To make eyes more expressive, it is important to fill in the empty spaces between the upper lashes. If the eyelashes have empty seats when the technique of “smoky eyes” (the smoky eye) or delineated feline eyes, the result will be flat and imperfect makeup. Soft eyeliner is perfect for this job. Its texture remains stand between the lashes, creating a natural contour, easy to rinse, does not damage the eye when applied and does not stain during the day. The principle is simple: the more you want to do eye makeup, the darker should be the color of the pencil.

Give your shades a new life with a wet technique

Most of the shadows applied dry or with a damp brush on the eyelids look very different. For example, the matte shades are darker and have a dense structure similar to felt. They are perfect for eye makeup and create the perfect lines. Bright shades are creamy and radiant when applied wet technique.

Гід по макіяжу: основні прийоми та техніки для якісного make-up

Soak the brush, wring out by hand, and then dry with paper towel. The brush should be slightly damp. You can also use for this purpose a spray for fixing make-up, moisturizing facial spray or even eye drops. In this technique, shadows are similar to watercolors, so do they should lightly slide.

Complete makeup sheer powder

As the final product, we recommend to use a translucent powder, which evens out skin by reflecting the sun’s rays blickem, which create the effect in Photoshop. The particles of powder are very small. This also gives a matte finish, protecting your makeup from oily sheen. But it is important to understand that this powder helps to blur and obscure other dry or liquid products.

Therefore before its application it is better to use blush, and then secure them with a thin layer of powder. For this to work perfect brush with dual fibers. Moreover, you should pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to put a lot of powder, otherwise the light will be reflected strongly. In everyday life it might not be so noticeable, but in your photos your face will look like covered with flour. Many celebrities had the misfortune to experience this error on the pictures.