Guilty computer luring to 25 teenage girls

Frédéric Beaudoin of Magog has been convicted of computer luring by 25 teenage girls.

He was convicted on Thursday at the Sherbrooke courthouse and immediately detained.

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His face reddened, he began to cry once he sat in the box of the accused.

Beaudoin used Facebook’s private messenger messenger to solicit victims. He attracted teenagers to his Magog home through various subterfuges of soliciting babysitters, to clean or sell cell phones.

He was convicted on 25 counts of computer luring and sexual contact, cannabis smuggling and possession of cannabis between January 2015 and May 2016 by Justice Hélène Fabi of the Court of Quebec.

Seven complainants testified at the trial, including five who went to the accused’s home.

Beaudoin only contested that the communications were not intended to perpetrate sexual acts.

“What is special about this file is that there was no conversation of a sexual nature. They can still convict the computer lure if it is determined that the intent of the accused was to facilitate sexual offenses, “says Joanny Saint-Laurent Pierre.

The accused solicited teenage girls to come and keep, but the problem is that the accused has no children.

Two complainants came to testify that they had spent an evening at Beaudoin waiting for a child whom they had just to keep. Sitting on the couch, one of them suffered sexual contact from the accused.

“I believe the complainant says that the accused touches her buttock,” says the judge who says the complainant is credible.

Another complainant says that Beaudoin does not remember the name of his supposed child. She smoked cannabis with him before realizing she was trapped. She leaves the race to a business located near Beaudoin’s home. He did not touch or comment on sex.

“You saw in his face how he wanted me (…) These words are revealing and eloquent of the intentions of the accused to the complainant,” says the judge in his decision that highlights the complainant’s comments that the accused wanted it.

To another victim, Beaudoin greets him with a towel around his waist. Later, he places his arm around her.

A teenager also came to testify that she had contacts with Beaudoin for the purchase of a cell phone. The accused would have offered to do housekeeping in sexy outfit.

“The good faith of the witnesses is not in doubt. There is no evidence of collusion between the 25 complainants … The prosecution has proven that the purpose of the communications was to attract the complainants so that another offense could occur. It is clearly established that at the time of the events he is in a situation of authority and trust towards the complainants (…) The five complainants all felt a fear when they went to his home, “concludes Judge Fabi.

It rejects all the evidence, that these meetings were provoked in order to make “social”.

“His relentlessness towards the 25 plaintiffs is overwhelming evidence. The intentions of the accused are unquestionably clear from all the evidence, “says the judge.

According to the Criminal Code, computer luring is punishable by a minimum sentence of one year in prison for each victim.

“We will certainly challenge these minimum sentences. Such a sentence would be disproportionate to the actions taken, “says defense lawyer Guy Plourde.

The criminal prosecutor asked for the preparation of a pre-sentence report with a section on sexual offending.

Comments on the sentence will be issued on January 16, 2018.

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