Gulli: The channel will not air more shows with wild animals

The channel Gulli is committed to no longer broadcast shows with wild animals. — S. ORTOLA / 20 MINUTES

The chain for kids Gulli said on Tuesday that it would lead to more on-air live shows featuring animals in the wild. This decision, taken in order to contribute to the fight against animal suffering, concerns in particular the programmes of the circus.

“Circuses extraordinary without animals”

The managing director of the TV division of Lagardère Active, Caroline Cochaud, has said that it wants to put forward emissions reductions ” where we treat animals with decency “. For example, programs filmed in nature reserves or even ” circus extraordinary without animals “.

“We want to show the children that the animals are in their natural environment,” said the manager. It was in passing clarified that this measure also affected other channels of the group in France (Tiji, Canal J and the String of Father Christmas) and the international (Gulli Girl in Russia, Gulli Africa, Gulli Bil Arabi).

@gulli is committed, from this day, to no longer broadcast any live shows with wild animals. cc @carolinecochaux #CP

— Gulli (@gulli) October 11, 2017
“Raising the awareness of the greatest number”.

“By asserting its positioning against animal suffering, Gulli is committed to raising the awareness of the greatest number, by initiating discussions in the family, at school and to make today’s children tomorrow’s citizens, respectful of the environment in which they live. (…) The joy of the children must not go through the suffering to animals, ” insisted Caroline Cochaud in a press release.

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As noted by Le Parisien, the retransmissions of the Festival of Monte-Carlo or the shows of the circus Gruss or Bouglione, previously in the programme of Gulli, should thus no longer be part of the grid of the chain.

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