Guy A. Lepage is worried

Guy A. Lepage est inquiet

A few hours of completing the 16e season of Tout le monde en parle, Guy A. Lepage is worried. Not for his family, which remains in health, or for his show, which runs smoothly, but for his company.

The continuation of the déconfinement in full pandemic COVID-19 of concern to the facilitator. To revive the economy, yes, but at what price ?

“We did trials and errors since the beginning,” he says in an interview at the Newspaper. There pking in Quebec. I don’t question the good will of our leaders. But it does not advance as fast as they said it. It does not give the expected results. ”

A success that lasts

Sunday night, Guy A. Lepage will host the last everyone is talking about the calendar 2019-2020. For the occasion, it will receive Martin Petit, the minister Danielle McCann, Pier-Luc Funk, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Chantal Hébert and Diane Dufresne. Like every week since march 22, he will be overseeing the live broadcast from studio 42 at Radio-Canada.

The formula stripped of the talk-show, like obviously to Quebec. According to the data confirmed of Isdn, it reaches an average of 1 258 000 viewers. “After so many years, people still have trust. They look at the world and talk for 2 hours and a quarter. It’s just the world sitting that jase. I find it hot in tabarouette, ” commented the facilitator.

Live vs. offline

This ” new ” everyone is talking about without make-up delighted many observers, but Guy A. Lepage would prefer that the issue returns to the original mode in September. At least you are still in a state of alert, with a story that evolves from hour to hour. “The advantage of having the mount, is that you can ask three or four questions left field a little weird. When it falls flat, you cut the timeline, but when the guest embarks, it gives you something that you won’t find anywhere else. ”

Guy A. Lepage also believes that the lack of a studio audience was led at the time the most significant event of the appointment television this year : when Justin Trudeau said he didn’t know if he would send his children to school if he lived in Quebec. “If there had been of the world, I think he would have responded more like a prime minister than as a dad. ”

“One of the things I’ve noticed over the past ten weeks, this is how the pandemic is undermining the people. Guests entrust to us very quickly. ”

As for the musical segment, he could return next fall. “We introduced some of the musical performances at the beginning of the Whole world talks about it, but it was removed because the ratings fell by half, reveals the facilitator. Before, it was a turn off ; today, it is a hit. ”

Lessons to be learned

Apart from the recording of the new episodes of Bébéatrice, Guy A. Lepage has no plans for this summer. Among the lessons that he wishes that it pulls events of the last few months, it mentions the “buy local”. But most of all, he hopes that we can find a way to manage the quagmire of the CHSLD.

“It is a national disgrace. It is a shame that we cache, for nearly 35 years in Quebec. It has become a mouroir. It is mind-blowing. It hurts the heart, ” says the host, who salutes the courage of front-line workers.

► HERE Tv shows Tout le monde en parle on Sunday night at 20 h. show the best moments will be aired on may 31.


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J. A. Martin Photographer“>

J. A. Martin Photographer

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