Gwen Stefani new haircut younger by 15 years

Гвен Стефани с новой стрижкой помолодела на 15 лет

Usually stars will wow us with their futuristic and fashionable outfits, but in this most recent one, the singer came in a brand new hairstyle– it was a kind of inverted Bob and blunt fringe. This look took us back and reminded us of what Gwen looked like when she was starting out her solo career after No Doubt. Many wrote in the comments that Stephanie looks quite young with this new style. It is difficult to suspect that she is already 50 (if you do not know about it), and she is the mother of three children.

We decided to ask her, since we got the rare chance, what she had in mind when picking this particularly lovely and fitting hairstyle. Her response, “You know, I didn’t think about it much this time. I just sat on one of their barber chairs and let them do their thing. I like to leave it up to the pros every once in a while, and they have yet to disappoint.”

She left it all up to the hairstylist. That’s confidence right there!

Recent trend in men’s haircut at Scout’s Barbershop demand a suave and cool look. Sometimes, men don’t even mind trying out a funky style. The hair cut needs to be picked up matching your facial features. Again it should be kept in mind that the hair cut which you sported during teenage may not match with your 40 year look. Thus, a consultation with a competent hairstylist can help in making the right selection. A haircut expert is specifically trained to explain what type of haircut will look for your facial features and go with your hair type and growth pattern. So a session with your hairstylist is the safest option if you really want a great transformation. There are reputable beauty salons like Natural’s who are more than willing to offer you such advice. You can make an online appointment and then visit the salon on specified date and time. Talk to them and explain what kind of look you want. There are instances when people get carried away by haircuts sported by their favorite movie or sports stars. The fact is that the style which suits a specific person may not suit your look and personality.

While there is no harm gathering information about haircuts from fashion magazines, you should listen to the hairstylist and rely on his opinion. Besides you will also get helpful tips from him about how to manage the specific hair style. Crew cut, flattop, Square-back, bowl cut, mushroom cut, spikes, bangs, mullet, French crop are few men’s haircuts which are always in demand. While crew cut or flattop are preferred by those who want to keep their hairs short and manageable, spikes, bangs or mullet are for those adventurous souls who don’t mind drawing attention with their unique haircuts. Mushroom or bowl cut goes well with kids or teenagers. Whatever hairstyle you select, make sure that you can manage it properly. If you don’t have enough time, then a regular visit to the parlor is also suggested. Natural’s is known to cater to hair style and hair care needs of all age groups. They have an array of hair spa treatments which are meant to take care of hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, premature graying, etc. All their services are done by expert hair care professionals who are well informed about latest trends in hair fashion. Apart from hair care they also have expertise in skin and body care services. Prior to visiting any beauty salon, make sure to explore its website. This way you can have detailed information about the parlor services. A nice, clean and friendly ambiance is the basic criteria which you should look for in any salon.


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