Gym owners relieved

Gym owners relieved

The owners of training centers breathed a sigh of relief when the Legault government confirmed that their establishments would not be closed in the three regions which turned red.

Among the last businesses to reopen in June along with bars after the confinement period, training centers avoided a second closure on Monday when the Prime Minister announced partial confinement.

Happy customers

“At the gym, customers were listening to the press conference on their phones and everyone started screaming when the Premier confirmed that the gyms would not be closed,” said Mega Fitness Gym owner Dan Marino. It had been ten days that I was on the alert with the question of colors. I am really relieved. All the pressure has dropped.

“People need to train,” adds Marino, who did not hesitate to challenge the government by reopening its doors two days before the green light in June. Exercise is a basic need. People are disciplined and have been paying even more attention since Monday. “

Marino says there will be a massacre if the gyms have to close again. “It will be a disaster if we have to close again,” he said. We have reinvested in order to adapt to the sanitary measures, and the owners are against each other. Pascal Champagne was also delighted with the turn of events. “I was in my car to listen to the Prime Minister's press briefing and I was very attentive to the words spoken,” said the co-owner of the Elite Factor Center. I am very happy. I expected all the possibilities. “

“People pay attention”

“We were spared, but there were no outbreaks in the gyms,” says Champagne. We are not one of the places where cases explode. People are really careful and we always act like someone is watching us. These are habits to take. We respect the rules one hundred percent. The context is really different and we face bigger challenges in our planning, but we are all in the same boat. “

Champagne welcomes the cooperation of customers. “People are collaborating and there is no one who complains about the measures imposed,” he said. People are happy to be here. Wearing a mask or washing your hands, it doesn't matter when you realize the benefits of training both physically and mentally. “

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