Gynecologists advise not to repeat the scene with the ice cream from the movie “50 shades of freedom»

In the last part of the franchise “50 shades of freedom” is a scene in which the hero is Jamie Dornan (Jamie Dornan) uses ice cream in the sexual games with the main character in the performance of Dakota Johnson (Dakota Johnson).

Гінекологи радять не повторювати сцену з морозивом з фільму «50 відтінків свободи»

Gynecologists recommend not to try to repeat what you were trying to do Christian grey.

Lauren Streicher, MD, Director of the Northwest center for sexual medicine and menopause, says that in the film there are dangerous to the health of the scene, which should not be taken into consideration. In particular, ice creams and genitals are incompatible to any fantasies. “It’s never been studied in any scientific research. Theoretically, the ice cream can disrupt the normal microflora. Any doctor will tell that you should not put the food where were trying grey “.

In addition, Streicher considers some aspects of the behavior of the main character invalid with respect to real women. “Reality and fiction are two different things. However, some things in the story to bother me. For example, that a man dictates what the procedure for a gynecologist should be the woman, or know personal information about her. She’s a patient, not him. A man can’t call the doctor and say that she made some kind of birth control injection “, – said the expert.

Overall, Streicher advises not to use injections, which are mentioned in the film, since many women tend to gain weight from them.

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