Haaretz: the decision by trump not bring peace to Israel and Palestine

Haaretz: решения Трампа не приносят мир Израилю и Палестине

After cuts in assistance to the PA and the UN Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), after the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Golan heights — its sovereign territory, in the American deck, there is only one trump card, and this week the administration trump decided to use it. The white house said that the US no longer consider the existence of Jewish settlements in the West Bank a violation of international law.And, as well as the Declaration on the status of Jerusalem and the Golan heights, this statement is largely symbolic. On the ground nothing has changed, and international laws remained the same, despite the US decision not to recognize them. Even the Tramp in order to reinforce the festive state Department’s statement with some specific steps — for example, in the area of budget — you need to seek congressional approval.In order to clarify its position on this issue, the EU took a matter of minutes. Not many days like has happened before.As in the case of moving the us Embassy to Jerusalem and the recent UN vote on the extension of the mandate of UNRWA, the impression that Israel and the U.S. administration really is one, but the rest of the world, including the new “friends” of Israel in Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa — have teamed up against them.In this situation, surprisingly not so much the decision of the White house, is the appropriate foreign policy of Donald trump, as the timing of its adoption. Sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that the issue “had been discussed for several months” and that “the decision itself was consistent with the national security Council and the General Prosecutor.” The same sources stressed that the decision trump was intended to help Netanyahu to create a right-wing coalition — in contrast to the attempts of forming a coalition with the block “Kajol-Laban”.But American sources claim that the strongest pressure exerted on trump and his allies among the evangelicals. They want to use us administration to fight a decision of the European court on the special marking of goods produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. From the point of view of the evangelists, the existence of these settlements always was legitimate.Judging by this statement in making that decision, trump came not from a desire to help Netanyahu, and trying to solve their own political problems. Trump counts on the support of evangelicals in the upcoming presidential elections, and considers them an integral part of the electorate. From these considerations he was guided, taking some other recent decisions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.In his short speech, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo reminded of another direction of the current us administration changing its position on the middle East conflict should not influence the course of negotiations between the participants. They must decide the fate of the settlements during the discussion, agreement on a permanent settlement of the conflict. The administration of the trump explained his step by the desire “to bring peace”, since the position of the previous administration, speaking against the existence of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, did not promote the peace process.If Netanyahu will retain the post of Prime Minister, and trump will be elected President of the United States, both of them have to defend their case. While the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Golan heights — the sovereign territory of the Jewish state brought the advent of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

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