Haber7: all the troubles in the middle East to blame France

Haber7: во всех бедах на Ближнем Востоке виновата Франция

Turkey is not like in the West, that no one expects. However, there is one country which is hostile to Turkey much more than others.Over the past two years, the crisis between the US and the EU on the basis of NATO, the West taught the following: the most important part of NATO is Turkey. Turkey is indispensable for NATO, as they say themselves, the US, Germany, NATO says. The reason these words are not a special love for Turkey. All these countries understand that if Turkey out of the Alliance and even more closer to Russia, NATO will come to an end.As for the concern of France about the NATO, the French hate the fact that NATO depends on Turkey. Turkey buys s-400 is a mortal enemy of NATO — Russia, NATO has been forced to allow it. The French go crazy.The U.S. Central command in the middle East and North Africa (CENTCOM) especially threatens the presence of France in Africa. So the French attack on NATO, offering to create a European army as an alternative to NATO.Okay, but who is France?France is an imperialist regime, who for many years operates in 14 countries of Africa. It still robs these countries, which 60 years ago were supposedly granted independence, and continues to receive their “tribute”.France is a country whose history over the last century is replete with genocides. From 1945 to 1962, the French killed one million Algerians. The main participant in the genocide in Rwanda, which killed 800 thousand people in 1994, was also France.When mentioned the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), France one of the first that comes to mind. The only thing that stays the same in Paris, regardless of who is in power, whether it be Sarkozy (Sarkozy) and the left Hollande (Holland) or liberal macron, all French presidents are made in the Elysee Palace, the leaders of the terrorist organization PKK.Speaking of terror, we should not forget about the Armenian secret army for the liberation of Armenia (ASALA), which for many years carried out terrorist acts against Turkey. France and patronized them.To configure the Armenian people against Turkey, to consider the claims of the Armenians about the so-called “genocide” as a bargaining chip and try to use it — such a belief system is France.When it comes to ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the mind again comes France. To date from that country arrived, most of the terrorists who joined terrorist organizations in Syria.If we talk about the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, too, remember France. This is the same imperialist force that attacked Syria in podomancy period. When the senior Assad, Hafez al-Assad, its influence in Syria reached its climax. France became the main hope of nutiriton, despite the fact that they are in Syria are a minority.In Lebanon today, people are protesting on the streets. The Prime Minister resigned, but the Lebanese people continue to rebel, because he wants regime change, which is not on the side of the people. And who were injected this regime in Lebanon in the 1920-ies? Of course, France.Let’s not forget about Libya. France extorted money from Gaddafi, and then not to pay the debt, hurriedly attacked Libya, had a hand in the lynching of Gaddafi and now trying to take advantage of the chaos prevailing in Libya today.France manages such an ideology that even the French, expressing disagreement with this ideology, is facing the same treatment as an African Muslim or a Turk. The most striking example — the revolt of the “yellow jackets” which lasts for more than a year.The violence used against those who protest against the existing order in France, knows no bounds. 12 people were killed and more than 4.2 thousand people were injured as a result of police action, more than 12.1 thousand people were arrested and more than 3.2 thousand — sentenced to prison. The French media, the judicial system all the while ignoring the attack is endowed with great power of the French police.

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