Habit before going to sleep, which does not lose weight

Nutritionists believe that the habit of drinking kefir at night should be abandoned.

Звичка перед сном, яка не дає схуднути

Experts in the field of beauty and health called the habit, which is one of the obstacles for losing weight and cause weight gain, informs Rus.Media.

As you know, dairy products are healthy, they provide the body with calcium and also help normalize blood pressure. However, there are downsides to health from the use of “- made dairy products”. According to dietitian Natalia Lazurenko, time these products can do more harm than good for health.

The expert pointed out that dairy products tend to affect metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, immune system, whisking them. Specialist explained that this is due to the fact that any “kislomolochny” contains lactose, which can lead to excess sugar. What is bad for your health? First of all, it threatens to increase the level of insulin and glucose.

Other harmful side of fermented milk products is the ability to keep fluids in the body. The nutritionist believes that the habit of drinking kefir at night should be abandoned. All because it inhibits fat metabolism and is an obstacle to weight loss.

“Lactose inhibits the production of good quality hormones at night to diminish the fatty tissue in the body” – summed up the expert.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to completely abandon the consumption of milk products, need expert advice.