Habits that are sure to bring extra pounds. What to do, not to gain weight

Привычки, которые обязательно принесут лишние килограммы. Что делать, чтобы не поправляться

Knowing the answers of all three questions, an experienced nutritionist can nearest kilogram to call the weight of a person to predict how he will look in five years and the reasons extra weight. Lifestyle, nutrition and even the priorities in the choice of leisure – those three whales, on which depends the position of the needle on floor scales. So she did not deviate to the right, believe me, do you have any habits that slowly but surely lead to excess weight.

Slim Sony

The habit of going to sleep after midnight is bad. Scientists have proved that lack of healthy sleep instantly slows down the metabolism. Is only a week to spend in the mode of chronic lack of sleep, as the first extra pounds immediately occupied your waistline. Want to be slim – get enough sleep. And then, who sleeps a lot, he is eating less!

Tell me who your friends are

It is proven that one’s environment largely determines the vector of its development. If you are among obese people who have long given up on their health, to the fortuneteller do not go – in a few years you will be one of them. Way out one to spread the virus of harmony, giving an example of your own, or find an environment that will motivate you to keep yourself in shape.

My sweetie

Listing the reasons of excess weight, you can’t skip the habit of putting sugar in coffee, tea, juice and even cereal in a couple of years haunt at least three extra pounds. And one has only to minimize the intake of sugar, as for the year just by doing this, you can lose 5-6 pounds of excess weight.

The stairs

To call the Elevator or the stairs? Every day, thousands of women solve this dilemma and often not in favor of the stairs. Meanwhile, one hour of climbing stairs allows you to burn about 600 kcal. That is, in a month you can safely consume about 1000 calories on level ground. At the same time, lifting the Elevator, you are depriving yourself of opportunities to practice.

Dinner is served

The habit of taking along a lunch from home – an excellent prevention of excess weight. Of course, much more interesting during a lunch break walk with colleagues to a pizza place, but then we need to go and workout at the gym. Otherwise the habit to dine at fast-food establishments in the sedentary lifestyle, the average office worker during the year will backfire as much as a dozen extra pounds.

It is necessary to eat more often

Strange but true – those who eat five to six times a day but small portions, will never have problems with excess weight as opposed to those who eat only twice, but very tight. Scientists have conducted dozens of experiments to prove that the fractional frequent meals speeds up the metabolism, while large gaps between meals cause the body to make reserves.

Alcohol is fun, but dangerous

A glass of wine at dessert, beer on the weekends with friends, champagne on holidays and fruity cocktails with liqueurs on Fridays – it would nice to live not forbid, but sweet and high-calorie alcoholic beverages gradually will turn a slender shape in a sleek silhouette. Like to relax in a pleasant company? A glass of dry wine is fine as an aperitif.

A Trojan horse with zero percent fat

A few years ago in Vogue products with zero fat content. According to legend, they were supposed to promote more rapid weight loss. In fact, it turned out that there is a devoid of fat foods unflavored tasteless – not to lose invested in the production line the money, the food industry came up with to embellish the taste of reduced-fat products in large chunks of sugar and flavorings. In the end, the calorie content of the product remained the same, and the expectations of fans of a healthy lifestyle – deceived.

Ate – you can get some sleep

Make the baby gain weight, it after each feeding I try to put her to sleep. Children’s habit to lie on the couch after a hearty lunch – a solid Foundation for the appearance of extra pounds. Feel that you have overeaten? Going for a walk and astrocyte way the extra calories.

The causes of excess weight: hunger of the night

Even children know that to supper for three hours before bedtime, and eat before you go to bed – not to respect themselves. And an even greater degree of personal disrespect to stand up to the gas station for the night. Even if you have a horse’s health and the world’s fastest metabolism, so theory does not end good. A month later after the beginning of the night meals, clothing begins to come apart at the seams.

Want new habits

Often people who know the causes of excess weight and having “habits with gain”, nothing to notice. To understand how your weight over the years, for one day try to write down in the diary everything you do – woke up, washed up, put on a pot of coffee…

And in the evening you will work on the bugs – emphasize red marker all your causes of excessive weight, all of which can interfere with harmony in the short term, and replace these habits with other, a lovely, but absolutely harmless for the figure.

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