Habits that say about low self esteem

Привычки, которые говорят о низкой самооценке

Many do not even notice how their habitual actions give self-confidence.Self-esteem is a very important quality, without which our life might exist not as we would like. It needs to be healthy — not too high and not too low.Remember the movie “Pretty woman on his head?” Case in point: the heroine Amy Schumer were able to rebuild their lives as soon as it became self-confident — albeit after the accident.”Rambler” tells you which habits serve as a true indicator of self-esteem issues — check yourself, your family and friends!Habit to be jealous without posadnika self-esteem in a relationship is most often expressed through jealousy: often the partner/spouse feel this way without good reason. People subconsciously considers himself not good enough for a relationship and is constantly afraid that there will be a competitor who will be better.Habit to test zavisti not white but black. People are jealous of and constantly discussing someone else’s life and always in a negative way, considering that the benefits obtained by others, was not honored. It works like this: the envious person realizes that he will never be able to achieve the same in connection with the low-esteem and lack of confidence, so he does not rejoice in other people’s happiness, even if it concerns relatives and friends.The habit of criticizing partnerswithout only applies to men. Very often, a woman is faced with the same problem: her choice is disrespectful to her, constantly talks about her disadvantages and shortcomings, while continuing a relationship with her. So behave insecure men who have low self-esteem. Subconsciously, it works like this: a man fears that the woman leaves him, so he criticizes her and plays on her feelings: so, she would feel unattractive in the eyes of other men, so will remain in the existing relationship.The habit of criticizing ourselves without povoda is the most obvious — people are constantly talking about yourself in a negative way, believes that all the consoles “not” refer to him: ugly, stupid, uninteresting, unintelligent and so on. Typically, these people stop in self-development, because simply afraid to move forward — they are obviously confident that they will make a mistake.The habit of doing something that is not hochetsja however — the inability to say no. Such people often go for the movie, the name of which they have done wrong. They are angry, but fulfill someone else’s request (usually to their own detriment). And in General, their motto in life is “do not Do what I want, and what we need”. Only, actually, it is necessary to nobody. But they think that if they refuse, they will stop to chat, and they were alone. All this, of course, is associated with low self-esteem.

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