Habits that take energy and confidence

One of the ways to become calm and find harmony described in the book, is getting rid of bad habits. We chose five harmful rituals that you should give up right now.

Звички, які забирають енергію і впевненість у собі

Recently he published a book “Now!” from Eric Bertrand Larssen, the bestselling author of “On the verge” and “Without pity”. This time the Norwegian coach invites readers to focus on your emotional state and learn to live in the here and now, informs Rus.Media.


The person who often complains, does this because seeing the big picture looks at events from the outside, not their individual positions. In principle, it is useful feature, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle.

Whining – the same habit that affects your well-being and working efficiency. We see in all sectors of society. What is most interesting, often complain and talented athletes. They worry and worry about problems that are far beyond their responsibilities, which, by and large, do not need to worry. And this happens not only in sports.

You can more consciously take their thoughts and words in everyday life. It’s OK to feel and admit: “Yes, I’m a bit complaining.” But then you have to ask yourself: “can I see this situation something positive?”. And start to act!


Every time you speak negatively about the missing person without a goal to change things for the better, or criticize, not wanting to be personally responsible for the changes you have in mind should sound alarm signal.

It’s amazing how normal we have is to criticize others. It’s so easy to do. We begin to criticize in childhood and continue as adults. It is strange, in fact, the criticism does not give positive results.

People who make a good impression, usually perfectly able not to speak ill about other people. You too are useless.


Envy is a bad thing. It weakens your inner strength. Sometimes the feeling of unfairness is justified: we all sometimes face unfair treatment. But envy is a petty feeling. The best people are inspired, not jealous.

Some people can admit that really envy them: flippant, “Oh, I’m so jealous” usually means that you think that person is extremely happy or smart. And yet within us a whole range of feelings, and throughout life we experience different emotions. Therefore, it is important to be honest with yourself. Otherwise you will find it hard to be the best and to attain inner strength.

The best of us are not jealous and are more easily see what the focus of capacity development. They find the areas in which we can develop. Envy this quality in the highest degree appropriate.


For some people stress is a measure of status. In other communities it is considered a sign of lack of control. It is possible to have the most important job in the world, take on an enormous responsibility, constantly keep in mind the incredible amounts of information and perform many things, but not to experience stress. It is possible not to be lazy, and at the same time not to feel stress. You can be in the midst of this chaos, however, stay calm and in control.

Learn to prioritize and highlight important. Only in this case, you will be able to get on with my life and forget about stress.


Laziness is a huge threat to you, your family and society as a whole. We just forgot how cool motivate yourself to action. You get positive experience, knowing that doing a good job for his salary. You know what you are doing contribution to the development of the company, improving the health of patients, taking care of people. Strengthen your pride and inner strength, doing the right thing.

If you have used for a long time to be lazy, you will not be able to find his inner strength. After all, you have the opposite problem, right?