Hacked into the camera in the girl’s room and talked to her on behalf of the Santa

Хакер взломал камеру в комнате девочки и поговорил с ней от лица Санты

Ring company, which is owned by Amazon, is again in the news because of the security cameras. We will remind, last winter it became clear that data from the cameras Ring transmitted in the clear and was available to developers who did not have such access rights. This time it will be about the only camera that was installed in the children’s bedroom.

As reported by WMC TV channel, unknown bypassed the protection of the newly installed cameras — she appeared in the house of the Americans after the sale, arranged within black Friday.

One of these days 8-year-old girl went to her room, to find out the causes of noise coming from there. It turned out that the built in camera Ring dynamics plays the song Tiptoe Through the Tulips, composed in 1929. She, by the way, it sounds and in the horror film “Astral”.

Then the unknown attracts the attention of girls, calling themselves Santa Claus, and offer to be friends with him. For the child and her parents (who, thankfully, was home at the time) it is unlikely that it resembled “a Christmas Carol”.

Here’s the song performed by musician Tiny Tim:

We can only guess how long the unknown watched the children. The camera, of course, turned off and soon you give in the store.

In the company of the Ring noted that the weak link in this situation is usually a user that uses a simple and repetitive passwords everywhere. The camera protection system, in turn, was not hacked. The former owner of the camera admitted that he did not include two-factor authentication, and a home Wi-Fi network wasn’t hidden.

By the way, the video with such situations it is easy to find.

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