Half a million chickens will be slaughtered

Un demi-million de poules devront être abattues

Nearly half a million laying hens will be slaughtered more quickly than expected because of a decline in demand in hotels, restaurants and institutions, corresponding to 10% of the volumes.

The information revealed Wednesday by La terre de chez nous has been confirmed to the Newspaper by the chair of the egg Farmers of Quebec, Paulin Bouchard.

“We have six million laying hens in Quebec. We are going to have to slaughter prematurely between 350 000 and 500 000 chickens to adapt to the market “, confirmed the president of the egg Farmers of Quebec, Paulin Bouchard.

By and large, Quebecers have beautiful be still more to buy eggs at the grocery store, the low appetite of hotels and restaurants continues to plunge the request.

“Even if the demand has increased in the grocery store in 20% of this increase-there has not been overtaken by the decline of the restaurants and the processing industry,” said Mr. Bouchard.

He stressed that the slaughter of the hen, who is 71 weeks, should therefore be accelerated to two weeks to adjust supply to demand.

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