Halle berry has revealed the secret of radiant look

Холли Берри раскрыла секрет сияющего вида

The actress shared a simple and accessible to all women dish to preserve youth.

51-year-old Hollywood diva is not shy to show a magnificent figure often appears in revealing outfits on various social events and even posing in a bikini for photographs. Women and men around the world love the actress and want to learn the secrets of her beauty.

Also the actress often shares pictures of your account in the social network Instagram, and recently even posted a photo in his underwear. In the comments fans expressed admiration for the beautiful form of actress.

Perfect figure, Halle berry is the result of a complex work. The actress has always avoided bad habits. A woman attends training five times a week and studies hard at individually tailored to her fitness trainer program, as well as Boxing.

Recently the actress also shared a secret: to keep youth and freshness, it helps also simple and accessible dish: broth made from the bones. This soup contains lots of collagen which helps the skin to glow. This recipe is available for many women, regardless of age. Halle berry is known for his roles in the movie franchise “X-Men”, the films “Gothic” and “Catwoman”.


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