Halloween in Kiev: the capital has a giant skull and giant spider

Хэллоуин в Киеве: в столице появился гигантский череп и огромный паук

On the streets of Kiev already preparing to celebrate Halloween (October 31). The owners of the capital’s shops and cafes decorate their establishments in different installations. “Today” has collected the most unusual “horror stories”, which already appeared in the city.

Perhaps the most unusual art object installed on the street Shota Rustaveli, near to move to one of the bars. Here there was a huge skull height of over two metres and is painted blue with pink circles. And around it put the same color of a pumpkin. Residents and guests of the city are photographed by an unusual decoration.

“The skull is made of lightweight material. Every year we decorate the entrance to our facility on Halloween, last year near the entrance set in a giant arch in the shape of a pumpkin. This year is the head, and the next will come up with something interesting. By the way, our skull already had to suffer. The little boy tried to climb on a skull and broke part of the knuckle on the nose. Have to repair to “live” until the holiday”, – told “Today” the waiter of the establishment.Also on this street is unusually decorated flower shop: it crawls a giant black spider. It interest children and senior citizens. And on the street Saksaganskogo some places are already decorated with festive pumpkins, and the trees near the yellow patches.

Хэллоуин в Киеве: в столице появился гигантский череп и огромный паук

Хэллоуин в Киеве: в столице появился гигантский череп и огромный паук

By the way, looks unusual on the eve of all Saints Day and giant jaw, which appeared a few years ago near dentistry in the street Kotelnikova in Svyatoshino. The open jaw has all 32 teeth and may well serve as a bench. As they say visitors, earlier on it was still metal braces, but they broke off children, playing on an unusual art object. Not far from jaws unusually decorated a HUNDRED on the street Svyatoshinsky. There are two skeleton pirate holding a treasure chest in the form of silencers for cars.

And in the capital times unusually decorated kiosk selling gadgets on prospect Grigorenko. At the entrance set white chair with backlight, on which sits a skeleton with a phone in hand. Recently added more and headphones. Night this composition looks impressive and even frightening pensioners who are in the dark going home.

Decorating for Halloween is already sold in some of the capital’s shops. Kiev said in one of their skeletons in the form of dogs.

By the way, 26 October (13:30) in Kiev will host the fifth zombie parade.

“It will be a massive parade. The morning of October 26 will begin with preparation for Halloween, when the whole city will transform into a zombie, fairy tale characters and different mythical creatures (welcome any way). We invite everyone to attend our annual zombie parade”, – the organizers on his page in social networks.

Participants in “scary” costumes will gather near the metro station “Golden gate” (the monument to Yaroslav the Wise), that all together to walk along the Central streets of Kiev.

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