Handing memorable diplomas to the self

Remise mémorable de diplômes à l’auto

Graduates of Rouyn-Noranda were moved to see their high school submit a graduation form service-to-self, which is broadcast on the internet for all to see in his best clothes.

The 177 teenagers of the school d’iberville did not expect anything grand : a diploma passed by a car window. Two minutes at most.

They were surprised by a formula drive with a few stops to take photos, greet the director, receive their album and start the hat. All broadcast live on Facebook with the animation.

What to bring a balm to the heart of Pénéloppe Barrel, 17 years old, and disappointed not to have a prom because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

“It is sure that you found it sad, but to know they have done something for us, we were comforted. The scenario that they have found is perfect, ” said one study in the humanities the next year.

Charles-Etienne Danis, who runs it, has also been hot at the heart.

“I was a little disappointed at first, because I didn’t have “graduation”, but in the end, it was a beautiful experience, ” said the teenager of 16 years old.

Nice initiative

Be able to choose, Sébastien Prince would have also preferred to the traditional formula to be able to celebrate with his friends, but he welcomed the initiative.

“It was really the most they could do. They could not do better than that “, summed up the teenager of 16 years who will continue her studies in production and post-production television.

Moreover, he considered that items could be kept for future years.

For example, the adolescents received a poster with their photo finishing plant proudly in front of the lawn of their house.

In period costume

Some young people took the opportunity to demonstrate originality, as Louis-Philippe Dumulon, 17 years old, who showed up in period costume aboard a recreational vehicle of 38 feet.

Even this eccentric teen, who wants to become a geologist, has been taken aback by his school.

“Honestly, I was expecting a little less. Pleasantly surprised, ” he said.

A unique cohort

At the end of the day, the direction of the school d’iberville was thrilled to be able to offer a memorable time for teenagers.

“It should be emphasized that in a different way, because it is an end of the year that was. Our cohort was unique. I have the impression that no one will ever do that again “, said the coordinator of complementary services to the school d’iberville, Geneviève Tétreault.

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