Handshake can harm mental health

Рукопожатия могут нанести вред психическому здоровью

Scientists have shown that shaking hands, people hurt themselves.

Рукопожатия могут нанести вред психическому здоровью

The study of the University of Dundee (Scotland), was attended by 34 volunteers. In the first stage of scientific work, scientists asked people to pass the survey on their life and employment prospects in your career. In the next phase, they conducted the following experiment. One of the scientists greeted each of the volunteers in one of three ways – a long handshake, a short (less than 3 seconds) or not at all shook hands.
People while carefully watched. It turned out that in the case of a long handshake, people were less satisfied with the communication, less laughing, more worried and more cold emotionally.

Short handshake also meant that people rarely smiled, and their gestures showed emotional discomfort.

But those people who do not shake hands, behave normally.

Scientists believe that a long handshake can compromise the quality of relations between people. In addition, increased anxiety, chronic stress and even mental problems can occur in people who often have to respond to the handshake.

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