Happy birthday, Mr. Roberge!

Bonne fête, M. Roberge!

Source of inspiration for his relatives, the veteran Marcel Roberge has now reached the venerable age of 100 years old, the time marking that his family wished to highlight in our pages, for lack of a surprise party and sent to the bottom by the coronavirus.

“The COVID brings a lot of sadness, family difficulties and remoteness unwanted,” wrote recently in the Journal Dominic Roberge, grandson of Marcel Roberge. For a century, the latter was a marine during the Second world War, veteran, father, grandfather and now great-grand-father.

“This man, my “old favorite person”, noted his grandson, still resides in his house, is completely self-contained and always full of anecdotal stories of another era. It must therefore, in spite of himself, blowing his hundred candles in isolation, without the festivities that we were anticipating prior to the crisis. “

The situation is all the more heartbreaking that Marcel Roberge often said to his family that he remains the best part of life is to see her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As it reaches 100 years, all those who worked more youthful have left this world, whether it be his 15 brothers and sisters, or his friends.

“The network that there remains to him, it is his two children, including my father who is her caregiver, my brother and I, and our cousins, says Dominic. This is not easy for him to live in this isolation. “

Saddened by the situation, Dominic Roberge was, despite everything, to do something special for the one with whom he supped at the restaurant each week, prior to the crisis. He thought that his beloved grandfather would be very touched to read this paper about it in The Newspaper that he receives each day.

Great admiration

On the phone, the grandson speaks of his grandfather with much love and admiration. This generous man, who affectionately called him ” her boyfriend “, proves to be an example in many respects for him.

He admires his wisdom impression of simplicity and of common sense, the secret of his longevity, according to Dominic. “It has taught me a lot about what is important in the grand bazaar of life,” said this student of anthropology.

Very independent, his grandfather also has the chance to live even now in his house, and not in the residence. This is a chance to be all the greater when we see what is happening in many of these residences where the elderly go out in too great number, overwhelmed by the COVID or left to fend for themselves.

Proud and with a health of iron, Marcel Roberge has gone through many trials. He lost his father at the age of eight years, and had to drop out of school early to support the family. “He has picked up from the snow, shoveled the coal, and then he went into the army,” says Dominic Roberge.

On the boats called corvettes, Marcel Roberge has done several times crossing the Atlantic in a context that is appalling.

In 2012, he has also fought the legionnaires ‘ disease, an infection that is making a lot of noise in Quebec, and which has earned him a compensation. “I’ve always seen super dashing, tells his grandson. When asked if there was something that he would have liked to do, he replies : “No, I’ve lived my life, I had a wonderful wife for years, I’ve done what I wanted to do, and it seems to me well enough.” It is nice to see that. It is a beautiful lesson of life. “

Dear Mr. Roberge, the whole team of the Journal is attached to your family and I wish you a very happy birthday.

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