Happy family! Husband of Iryna Fedyshyn told about family traditions and how to congratulate your wife on Valentine’s Day

Before Valentine’s Day the husband of a superstar of Western Ukraine Vitaly told how to surprise your beloved at the occasion.

Щаслива родина! Чоловік Ірини Федишин розповів про сімейну традицію та як вітатиме дружину з Днем закоханих

Last Sunday, viewers of the TV channel “1+1” saw the third edition of the “blind auditions” the vocal project “Voice of country-8”, wherein he became a famous singer Jamala and mentee Irina Fedyshyn, reports Rus.Media.

Before Valentine’s Day the husband of a superstar of Western Ukraine Vitaly told how to surprise your beloved at the occasion:

“We have a warm tradition: if Irina is performing on Valentine’s Day, I always cook for her rose petals that fall from the ceiling of the wife during the speech. And after the tour, we plan the whole family to travel to warmer climes, where my sons will join me in congratulating our mother one hundred percent.”

Also Vitaly admitted that the biggest value of life considers family:

“Many friends ask us: “why are you together-at home, in hotel, on stage? It’s unreal. Need to rest from each other”. Friends, if you love your wife and children, on the contrary it is necessary to be constantly nearby, and come to an understanding, valuing and supporting each other every minute of life spent together is worth its weight in gold.”

In turn, Iryna Fedyshyn told how she met her husband, and admitted, a start-up capital had early in his career:

“He saw me at the concert. That was 11 years ago. We haven’t met – almost immediately got married. Later, the man offered to be my producer, and I didn’t mind. And actually persistence, persistence and a strong base Vitalik helped us to reach what we have now. We had a small starting capital, about two thousand dollars, and that we did not come up in the beginning of his career, even posters of himself pasted”.

The singer also shared how she manages to find a common language with her husband-the producer and mix work in show business with family:

“It’s easier for me, because my beloved and he is my producer. When very difficult for me, I told him: “Vitalik, please find words of encouragement, because I already want to children, home.” There are different moments, but we always find a compromise, because we live one thing and understand each other perfectly”.

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