Happy together: 10 secrets to a good relationship

Счастливы вместе: 10 секретов хороших отношений

Most couples, being together so many years, will agree that a strong marriage requires hard work on a relationship from both sides, and respect and understanding is the key to success. But what are the other secrets of a good relationship, says psychologist Anna Litvinchuk.
1. Interested in a loved one’s day

Such sincere things don’t become less comfortable over time. Each of us like when at home waiting for a man who cares about how our days went. Especially if after a hard day soul cheering advice and moral support.

2. Get a hobby

No matter whether it’s fishing or macrame, this lesson should lighten the mood for both of you. When we work together and stay United.

3. Little surprises

Your family likes chocolate ice cream? Buy and spoil him sometimes. It will be a small sign that the beloved is in your mind, even when you’re just doing your daily shopping list.

4. Kiss Hello and a kiss-bye

According to statistics, men who daily kiss their wives before going to work have higher income than those who do not. Yes, and women often kiss their beloved was not hurt. Start your ritual kiss of a loved one, when you come and before you exit.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness

Each of us makes mistakes, and the sooner you will be able to fix them, the better. Don’t be afraid to apologize, if that will help keep you peace and happiness in the relationship.

6. Treat his family as their

The family of your loved one, your family, and Vice versa. Call his mother from time to time, ask how things are, the holiday greetings.

7. Don’t forget about three important words

The words “I love you” in difficult moments is the best thing you can hear. But, it is not necessary to use them only in some specific cases. Say it just like that.

8. Be careful what you say

To make fun of a dear person in the presence of friends is horrible. This, at least, put him in an awkward position, but also have a negative impact on your relationship. Well, too cute buzzwords that you call each other, it is also better to keep secret from others.

Счастливы вместе: 10 секретов хороших отношений

9. Keep each other informed about their plans

Going to meet a friend after work? Great, have fun. But don’t forget to mention that, if you are waiting for a home. It must be, because your significant other wants to rest easy knowing that you have everything in order.

10. Be spontaneous

Surprise your loved one with tickets to a concert, the theatre or a picnic after work. Spontaneous out of your comfort zone can strengthen your relationship.

Details – this is not small change. It’s something in your relationship – don’t ignore them, advises psychologist.

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