Hardware stores have never seen come from the rush of their driveways

Les quincailliers n’ont jamais vu venir la ruée vers leurs allées

Surprised not to be able to already find beach umbrellas for your garden table ? Or wood treated to achieve the patio of your dreams ? Don’t worry ; you’re not alone !

Strangely, the hardware stores and renovation centres had not been anticipated, it seems, that Quebecers rueraient in their driveways, as they have done, throughout the duration of the confinement of the last few months.

“How did you want to know what’s going to happen ? demand, defensive, the CEO of the quebec Association of hardware and building materials, Richard Darveau. No one had experienced such a situation before ! “

However, rather than increasing their orders for summer as usual, a majority of hardware stores have had, on the contrary, the reflex prudent to reduce (20% to 50 %), resulting in stock-outs that we know today.

Three weeks were enough

Result : several types of products écopent, starting with the garden furniture, the necessary to the construction or development of the terraces, and all the wood-finishing products, such as the stripper, stain and paint.

According to Mr. Darveau, it will have been three weeks of uncertainty for the entire supply chain is disrupted. “Remember the uncertainty of the month of march. No one knew what shops were to stay open. Whether the Québécois would dare to even get out of their house. “

You know the rest. Seeking to fill the boredom, Quebecers are launched in the mass in the renovation. Soon followed the recovery of the residential construction, draining most of the last meager reserves.

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