Harm to reputation: a union of Laval University must pay more than$ 30,000 to a former member

The employees ‘ Union of Laval University (ONLY) has been ordered to pay more than$ 30,000 to a former member to have damaged his reputation.

In 2017, The Journal reported in an article that the threat of a strike was of disgruntled among union members, while negotiations were tense between the management and the employees.

Despite a strike vote, Pauline Brousseau, a member of the union, called for a new assembly information to ensure that employees are made aware of the latest developments at the bargaining table. This application was supported by 140 employees, had indicated Mrs. Brousseau at the Journal.

However, as soon as the day after this publication, the union was to circulate among its members, to denounce the position of this employee, a text whose content is an “amalgamation of innuendo and falsehoods that aim ultimately to undermine the credibility of Ms. Brousseau,” concluded the judge François Lebel.

We could read that Ms. Brousseau was treasurer of the union 15 years ago, at a time when a financial scandal broke out.

The justice Lebel concluded that the authors of this text knew that the facts related to the financial scandal had occurred before the appointment of Ms. Brousseau to the position of treasurer and that it was in no way related to this scandal.

In the wake of a lawsuit for damages brought by the former employee, the ONLY one is sentenced to pay him more than$ 30,000 to have exposed “the contempt and humiliation of the other members of the union”.

After this incident, Ms. Brousseau has decided to take early retirement. Luke Brouillette, who was the president of the union that is affected by the lawsuit, has resigned from his position in November 2018.

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