Harrison Ford will once again be Indiana Jones in nearly 80 years!

Харрисон Форд снова станет Индианой Джонсом почти в 80 лет!

Fans of the movie series about the brave archaeologist Indiana Jones is upset: the release is another, fifth part of the franchise postponed for three years.

As explained by the representative of the Studio Disney, now the audience will not see the new adventures of Indiana before 2021, the year. This is because already written by David Koeppel the script did not suit the producers, and the ability to modify it with David there, as he already started to work on the following projects. It was therefore decided to radically rewrite the script. This task was entrusted to Jonathan Castano, the son of the screenwriter for the very first part of the franchise, “Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark”, released in 1981. Thus the rumour spread that in the new scenario, in contrast to the existing, again it will include the son of Indiana, whose fourth part was played by the actor Shia LaBeouf.

This turn of events hardly anyone will bother, if not for one circumstance. Leading actor Harrison Ford will celebrate 76 years of age: by 2021, he will be almost 80 ! Surprisingly, even the earlier decision of the Studio to make an adventure movie with already not at young Ford in the title role — has caused a mixed reaction of fans of the movie series.

When this became known, netizens broke the flow of the ironic comment. “Indiana should be the finder of antiquities, and not exhibit archaeological Museum!” — quipped one of the users of the Internet who consider themselves admirers of Ford.


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