Harvey Weinstein told the court about his innocence

Харви Вайнштейн заявил в суде о своей невиновности

Controversial film producer Harvey Weinstein July 9, appeared before the new York court and said not guilty to the new charges, which include rape in the first degree.

On Wednesday, July 11, according to CNBC.

Note that the court held in the case, which accused the producer of raping a third woman, whose name is not known.

According to the judge, Manhattan James Burke, prosecutors require more stringent arrangements for the bail.

The result of the hearing was issued by the judge’s decision to release 66-year-old moviemaker bail at $ 1 million.

The lawyer of the controversial producer told reporters that his client is confident that all allegations are false and he will be vindicated: “Today was a formality. Citizen Weinstein is not a predator, he’s not a rapist, and I believe that when this thing is over, we eventually see that he will be acquitted”.

Weinstein in connection with the new charges, faces life sentence in prison.

The rape, which was discussed at the hearing, occurred in 2006. Also two women accused Weinstein in “predatory sexual abuse”.

Recall, one of the most notorious sex scandals in Hollywood last time erupted when one of the most influential U.S. film producers Harvey Weinstein was accused of assaulting dozens of women, among whom was the famous actress Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and Ashley Judd.

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