Haut-Rhin: a septuagenarian suspected of having kidnapped his son for several months

    Haut-Rhin: a septuagenarian suspected of having kidnapped his son for several months

    When questioned, neighbors said they were not aware of the son’s return to the parental home. A septuagenarian is suspected of having sequestered for several months in a small village in Haut-Rhin his 39-year-old son, reclusive in an attic and deprived of food on the grounds that he had lost his job, we learned on Friday .

    Placed in police custody and suspected of having kidnapped for at least “four months” his son, the man, aged about 70, will be brought to the prosecution on Saturday.

    The case erupted on Wednesday evening. The gendarmes are called for a story of violence: a mother explains that her husband was hit by their son in Malmerspach, a town of about 500 souls, about thirty kilometers north-west of Mulhouse.

    The thirty-something, who recognizes the facts, is then taken to the emergency room in Mulhouse to determine if his state of health is compatible with police custody, according to the gendarmerie. Along the way, however, he explains that he is not feeling very well, nor having had enough to eat lately.

    No eating

    In the hospital, his state of extreme thinness, for some evoking “images of prisoners in the camps”, shocks the caregivers. When questioned, the young man then explains that he returned to his parental home about a year ago after losing his job. His father, judging that his son was doing nothing to get by, then decided to house him in the attic, forbidding him to go down and eat, according to this source.

    Driven by hunger, the thirty-something said he tried to slip out of the attic at night to eat the leftovers. But his father, who had realized it, had blocked the access. Obviously exhausted, the thirty-something ended up hitting his father on Wednesday evening, who was then alcoholic. Violence that will not be held against him.

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