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У Берліні заборонили підвищувати плату за оренду житла

Muncipality Berlina Uhnalev Novyy law about control orendne pay vneslo chogo have Berln frosted orengo cost putora mlion apartments, oblivi – to 9.80 Euro (10,90 dollars) per square meter on misyats.

Zgidno s Novi law orangedac not mozhut stampati orengo fee, blsu for a fee poperedni orendorf. And if orenda fee previsualise LMT, vstanovleni the “tablets orandi”, orender mozhut taxes pozov about a snejanna.

Novyy law got nabooti cinnost have SCN 2020 rock.

Obmezhennya not posits at home, porogen after 2014 and on Derzhavne socalise zhitlo, de orando fee I already kontroliuoti. Arendodatel to permit pavimenti orengo charge z 2022 rock respectively to Plac (at a time of about 1.3% on year).

Uprodovzh ostanni be called a few more years Spania Nderland have zapravili Sahalinenergo come in control orangey at Yak I Vier state in the United States: Calfornia, new York, new Jersey that Marland. Canada regulu orengo charge z 2006 roku. Paris have also conducted about TSE peremabiri.

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