Have Cam anscomb vakili first mosque

У Кам’янському відкрили першу мечеть

Have Cam anscomb Dnepropetrovsk region vakili first mosque. In this MST for parmacy head of the CFU Tala Overca, meska of about 600 Muslims. To vakrita Mechet people molilisya in the home ABO Stili from Dnipro. Powders “UA: Dnipro”.

Oblastlevel temple uprodovzh dvoh rokiv Costa dobrocinstvo. Muslims have Mechet smooth not malitia lachey and wincati arabsko MOV.

“It’s important for us vddat mosque, that scho in n’yatnytsyu conductive Colectivo prayer, and those scho mi splava s himi Muslims. Mi can just come populatia, pogovorite about those scho Mauger, of Comus potrebna yakas relief”, – kazhe France Saka Romanov.

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