Have London on gledaju obvallata part STEL theatre, a postradal

У Лондоні на глядачів обвалилася частина стелі театру, є постраждалі

Be called a few more people postrazhdali after, Yak to them obvallata part stil in Teatr to londonskom West End.

About TSE powders “Evropeyska true” s Poranny on Sky News.

Incident Stasia nezadolgo to 20.00 pid hour demonstrat vystavy Death of a Salesman in Teatr PCall. The meeting place for odrazu was welikala extren service.

On snmco s msca pod Bulo seen great OTR in steel a width of about three-chotiroh meters, s yakogo was sterchele droti.

Ochevidec powdery scho spochatku poculi “easy drapchi sound” next Boule “strumen VOD”, that supranationalize “beschw krakw” od gledaju, if chastina steel svalilsya down.
Later the theater CCB evakuirovali.

For data polz, postradal was otrimali Neznan paranena. The exact number of paranena not be induced.

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