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У Раді хочуть підвищити штрафи за куріння у заборонених місцях

Have Verhovni Red proponuyut pcvisit administrativo modified for cornna of tutunovic vyrobu have zaboroneni mstah. Vdovin holds seastrunk on Sait Parliament.

Mova yde about proct decreed no. 1168/P about pronatta based procto the Law of Ukraine about mix application rate changes to article 175-1 of the Code of Ukraine about adminstration pravoporyadka schodo paviment vddlo for cornna of tutunovic vyrobu have zaboroneni mstah.

The author decreed – the people’s Deputy from fracc “Servant people” Denis Monastyrsky.

Holds seastrunk on sit today, 9 grudnia, that the text of the document data currently vdate.

Vidtak pokey scho no nformats, Chi saborosa States gromadskikh MSCI, Chi lachey quiet de cornna nebezpecne, for example, gas stations that skladu boepripasov.

Data currently holds transmitted to cometo for oznayomlennya.

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